Where to Go to College?


Where to go to college? This is a common question among many students who are preparing to begin this phase of life. But with so many options for universities to choose from both in Brazil and abroad, making that choice can be a complicated job. But with a few simple steps you can make this task easier. To help you with this we have gathered some tips on how to choose the right university for your profile.

Where to go to college: 7 tips to help you make that decision

Research the course content at different universities

The first step may seem silly, but it is a good starting point. Making a good decision of which course to take can save you a lot of headaches in the future. And the best way to do that is with research.

Most universities have specific areas on their websites to display the content of the courses offered. It is important to try to combine this content with your own interests. Also, consider how it will affect your career aspirations .

Don’t stop at the course content

Let’s say you chose your course and are now thinking about which university you are going to take it. What do the institutions offer besides the content of the classes? For example: is there an internship or research program?

Some universities have better connections with the industry, others are already stronger in the research part, and so on … What matters is that it can make a big difference when applying for jobs or continuing your studies after graduation.

Balance the university’s reputation

No university is a world leader at all. Therefore, it stands to reason that different faculties have different strengths. If you want to study Journalism, for example, it is not good to choose a university that has an excellent reputation in Medicine. A simple search can solve this! That is, do not take into account only the general performance of the institution when deciding where to go to college. Pay particular attention to the performance of your course of interest.

Consider the influence on your resume

Where you study can sometimes be as important as what you study. It is worth keeping this in mind when making your choice. If you’re not sure, most countries have a list of top universities, such as the Ivy League in the USA, the Russell Group in the United Kingdom or the Group of Eight in Australia.

Think beyond the walls of the university

It is complicated to attend the course of your dreams in a place that you hate. If you want to stay in the center of a big city, take this into account. Likewise, if you prefer a more intimate or secluded environment, then consider this factor.

On the other hand, it is also important to know your entertainment options. That’s because university life goes beyond classes and work. Research clubs, parks and activities found near the university to make the journey lighter.

Analyze the financial impact

Even if you get a scholarship, the debt calculation may not close at the end of the month. On the other hand, it is clear that “choosing the cheapest option” is not exactly good advice. We recommend that you explore all the options available – but always realistically.

Learn about university culture

Many universities have their own culture or identity, usually based on their foundation. For example, there are institutions that are geared to a specific gender or based on a religion.

Sometimes the culture can be more implicit. In the UK, some universities are best known for the nightlife in the places where they are located. Others – like Oxford and Cambridge, for example – are famous for being more traditional and conservative.