Grand Baie (Mauritius)

What to See in Mauritius


Vacoas (Mauritius)

Vacoas is one of the most ancient cities in Mauritius. It is located 16 km south of Port Louis in the central highlands. Vacoas is surrounded by pine forests inhabited by deer. From here you can take a trip along the central plateau of Mauritius and visit the main protected areas of the island. Curepipe is located near Vacoas.. It was founded during the malaria epidemic, when residents moved from coastal areas to inland. Curepipe’s main street is Elisabeth Street. On it stands the restored City House, which is now occupied by the Municipality. It is worth looking at the King’s College, reminiscent of the architecture of the facade of Buckingham Palace, the City Hall and visiting the Library, where there are interesting manuscripts related to the history of the Mascarene Islands. Curepipe is good for shopping because there are many souvenir shops and duty free shops.

Not far from here is the largest National Park of Mauritius – Black River National Park. Cassowaries and conifers grow here, as well as rare trees – tambalakoke and ebony. From animals here you can see monkeys, deer and wild pigs. The park has a large reservoir Mar-o-Vakua, and 6 km from it lies the sacred Hindu lake Grand Bassin, which was formed in the crater of an extinct volcano. By the lake there is a temple and a statue of the bull god Shiva, and a little further on the top of a low hill you can see the figure of the god Anuamanga. Southwest of the Grand Bassin stretches the Champagne plateau – the highest part of the central plateau. Also on the territory of the park is the Black River and the highest mountain of Mauritius- Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire (828 m) is located. The best time to visit the park is from September to January, when the flowers are in bloom and nature is at its most beautiful.

Grand Baie (Mauritius)

According to A2zdirectory, the most popular resort in Mauritius is Grand Baie. There are luxury hotels and everything you need to relax – bars, restaurants, shops, discos. Grand Baie is considered the center of Mauritian nightlife. In addition to numerous sandy beaches, it offers a unique opportunity – to walk underwater along a coral reef in a special weighted belt, with a square helmet with glass, to which a long air supply hose is attached.

Diving enthusiasts will also appreciate the surroundings of Grand Baie, because there are underwater caves and coral walls, and shipwrecks. Just north of Grand Baie Pöröbø resort is located, which is one of the best places for swimming. It is interesting to visit Cape Malheureux with deserted beaches or the fashionable Turtle Bay. Choisi beach is also good, it is considered one of the longest in Mauritius, and there are no hotels or bungalows in its vicinity. A little further south is Trou aux Beach and Mont Choisy beach. Not far from the coast of Grand Baie, it is worth visiting the Gabriel and Flat Islands, which are protected. Diving is possible around these islands for an additional fee.

Grand Baie (Mauritius)