Welcome To My Dikas Babies And Kids

Today is a very special day, the launch of the new layout!

A layout created by me, with my face, more clean, informative, and easy to read.

And as of today My Dikas Baby becomes My Dikas Babies and Kids. Covering an even larger universe of motherhood, from pregnancy until the whole evolution of our children.

I’m very happy to be able to give more this step and I ask a little patience until all round. Because we’re still tweaking the layout to work perfectly, and fixing up some old posts that lost the setting in this change of platform. But the content of all these years still here.

Now what I’m very happy to announce is that for the first time have a fixed columnist! And that’s more than honey, not only for me, but for many of you who already know and follow your blog; Miriam Wu of Blog Tips For Mommy! For many months I thought I’d invite any mother to share that space with me, but I identified with anyone. Miriam and I have a lot in common, and she writes in a way hot and real. One way that has everything to do with My Dikas and that surely will be very well received! In addition some coincidences of life as both are daughters of Chinese (I, and her father and mother) and the two mothers of girls. Miriam is waiting for your second child and is a super mom! Lives in Miami and takes care of everything herself! So wait for that soon she will be here with many cool posts for you!

Another novelty of this new layout is that now we have a guide of suppliers that is still under construction, but that already has some professionals and companies that trust and nominate. Later I’ll discuss this guide in maternity bras on aristmarketing.com.

And for those who visit the blog for the first time, Welcome!

I am an obsessed with products and services of this infant market. And whenever possible buy novelties, experiment with my daughters and I give a feed back telling in detail exactly what I thought. Be positive, or negative.

And it is interesting to discover that the best diaper is not always the most expensive,

The cart that you chose and spent a fortune, is a clog,

That your baby monitor full of technology, no reception in your home,

And you’re not the only one who cried in pain trying to breastfeed,

Or who cries often for feeling guilty about not giving the attention or take the time you’d like for your son.

This is the real world.

A world that is made of good times and not so good.

And that at the end is worth the penalty when the reward for all this is crying and be thrilled at first PAP, the first crawl, on the first day of school, the first “Mummy” and every smile of our children.

And this blog is for a chat, a bubble, an exchange of information.

Welcome to the new MY DIKAS BABIES AND KIDS!