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MobileMe-Clone from HTC
With MobileMe ( report in CyberBloc ), Apple has created a great product or a no less perfect service-Macs, iPhones as well as iPads are optimally linked. For example, data can be exchanged via the cloud in the form of calendars, contacts and images. There is also a e-mail address for this and as a delicacy, very reliable end devices can be localized.This service was, in its own way, a unique offer from Apple for customers. In the meantime, HTC has traced and offers with a similar offer for sale. Unlike MobileMe, this service is free, but only the two high-end devices HTC Desire Z and Desire HD benefit from this . In the following I present shortly before and check how well the individual services actually work. Currently (as of December 2010) but (at least for me) is not the complete functionality of available, this only as a marginal remarks.
After the first login at, the user lands on the homepage, the dashboard. Here the position of the smartphone can be displayed on the map, calls can be forwarded as well as SMS, and once the smartphone is not found, it is possible to “call” and ring. Practically when the mobile phone is in the car under the seat and the multi card just diverts the regular calls to another device. Likewise the possibility is to divert calls and SMS, of course, this diversion is paid, but at least there is the possibility-very nice.

Then there is also the option to use the dashboard to lock the smartphone remotely. If you have no way to get to the Desire you can also do a “remote wipe”, ie a remote erasure. This ensures that the – more or less honest – finder can not do anything with the data, e-mails and contacts. So far so good, because here at this point ends also the range of functions, which I can currently use in connection with And, one thing I have still forgotten: With the address book from the smartphone to is uploaded and compared with existing other phone books on – over this arte “Zwangs community” can then be users of come together. For example, I found our dear chief editor there. ( Note from the chief editor: If this is actually the fact that the data from the address books are simply there for other users again, I think this procedure privacy law more than just for concern, especially since I as an “indifferent” neither an HTC smartphone use , Still The evaluation of this function I leave to other people, but I personally can not really friends with distributing my data next to Facebook and Google to other companies. By the way: This functionality is designed as a backup service from HTC.

In the future there should be further applications in, I would like to briefly briefly. However, when these are integrated into the system, I am currently not known.

With Footprints, geolocation data can be stored at – here the data that I have stored with the Footprint app is stored. For example, there is a pub in London where I like to go, this location I have deposited in Footprint. Furthermore, Google POI (Point of Interests) can also be found in Footprint. Useful, for example, if I do not know whether a restaurant or a petrol station is nearby. With footprints I found it fast.

From, messages can be sent here – practically and simply via the Internet with their own telephone number as sender. If you want to send pictures, you can do this with MMS messages. The phonebook from the smartphone is also available in this application because the contacts of the phone are constantly synchronized with

In the HTC Hub would like to introduce HTC apps, which are particularly useful from the point of view of HTC. As a user you also have the opportunity to “liken” and comment on these apps.

Preliminary Conclusion
So far, the portal is, in my opinion, no more than a cheap copy of MobileMe. It should be mentioned, however, that not all of the functionality of is available at this time.Whether the portal in the future what is good, I may not at this point to answer finally, so far I find especially the synchronization of the smartphone with the HTC-Cloud as particularly troublesome and questionable. I can recommend this (bad) approach therefore not really at the moment.