Watch Out Now Helps to Avoid Pedestrian Accidents

With the proliferation of smartphones and other portable gadgets specialise more and more people in these gadgets inside, even while they are traveling on the road. 

Especially children and young people in danger, through the distraction and deepening in their mobile gadgets, to give less eight on the road here. This resulting inattention can quickly lead to accidents. With the watch out now project wants to make the mobile operator o2 something about this problem and has attached without further ADO in different and risky places in Munich the so-called watch out now transmitter. The mini gadget sends a signal to the Smartphone to warn pedestrians of dangers on the road. See more about the innovative project of 02 and you will learn as always in this post with us on future trends.

Watch Out Now Project From O2

O2 is aware of problem: again and again you hear about accidents at road junctions and traffic lights and often children or young people on the basis of negligence involved. The Mp3 players and Smartphones becoming of inattention contribute to avoid as this is also clear. For this reason, o2 in a campaign has attached in risky places jobless people in time to inform certain intersections and traffic lights to give particularly eight stations. With the project, o2 wants to set an example as one can avoid pedestrian accidents, caused by distraction from mobile devices. The transmitter at dangerous intersections interferes with the Smartphone and any interaction with this. At the same time the Smartphone displays a warning message. To use the watch-out system, parents must just download the appropriate app and install to your Smartphone of their children.

Campaign Reaches 7 Million Parents

According to o2 campaign around the watch out project has reached 7 million parents and these can help with also dangerous roads in addition to the installation on the Smartphone of their children to mark traffic lights and crossroads in their city. So has 02 which are to recognize opportunity, what areas particularly threatened to install further watch out transmitter. We personally hope two things. : Firstly, that the campaign was planned not only in the short term, but in the long term by 02, and secondly, that 02 extends this system to other cities , because it makes enormous sense, inexperienced people who just are young people and children on unexpected hazards, especially through the distraction of mobile devices, on the road to draw attention. Too many accidents, some with fatal outcome, happened today. The following video shows the 02 campaign in Munich.