Vodafone Spain Announces Exclusive HTC HD2 for Professionals

In this business that does not fly, run and Vodafone Spain did not want that nobody gets ahead in making the services of the HTC HD2, one of the first phones, Windows Phone or Windows Mobile 6.5 in our market.

The device will be available in our country since December, for business clients and professionals of the operator, the HTC HD2 will be available with mail and Internet operator solutions, RealMail Vodafone and Windows Mobile eMail.

Thanks to its spectacular features, we are faced with an ideal phone for which search for a real computer the size of a mobile device, remember that it has with the market’s largest capacitive touch screen, with 4.3 inches, ideal for sailing or view documents and multimedia files, releases the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset 1 GHz, and it has with the personalization of the interface from HTC with Sense.

Its technical features I won’t tell you anything that already we have not counted over the past weeks, so I invite you to visit the HTC HD2 product page for more information in this regard. Step to comment on mail and Internet from Vodafone operator solutions:

  • RealMail Vodafone, aimed at those customers business and professionals who do not have the Microsoft Exchange Server, for €15 / month (not including VAT), along with a voice plan.Allows access to all email data (up to 10 POP3 and IMAP4 email accounts) and surf the Internet from your mobile phone.
  • Windows Mobile eMail, aimed at customers business to be as platform, Microsoft Exchange Server, for €22 / month (VAT not included), allows unlimited Internet browsing and managing e-mail in mobility (a corporate account and up to 9 accounts POP3 or IMAP4), from any device with Windows Phone.Solution Windows Mobile email allows mobilizing Microsoft Exchange services for businesses and offers, as the differential value, management of calendar and contacts from your device.