Tips & things to do in New Orleans

Vacation in Vibrant New Orleans, Louisiana

North America

Welcome to the city of jazz! New Orleans is located in the state of Louisiana, on the meanders of the Mississippi River. Sultry and vibrant New Orleans stands for a relaxed life that attracts many bon vivants. Good music, good food and drink is everything for the residents of ‘NOLA’.

According to agooddir, New Orleans is also a melting pot of cultures, thanks in part to the former African slaves and its history as a Spanish and French colony. You will still find many historic plantation houses, and pictures of houses from the 18th and 19th century architecture.

Best time to travel to New Orleans

The best time to go for a holiday to New Orleans are the months of February, March, April, May, June, July, September, October, November and December. In August it gets very hot and humid in New Orleans. If you want warm weather during your holiday in New Orleans, it is best to go there in June, July or September. It is then around 30 degrees. During Mardi Gras it is around 20 degrees.

Tips & things to do in New Orleans

New Orleans is known for so many things! The special culture, music, food and architectural style. That results in a lot of sights that you really have to go to. Read all about the must-see sights here, and tips for the best holiday in New Orleans!


The heart of New Orleans is the French Quarter, full of colorful buildings and Parisian balconies. In all streets you can hear jazz music, on the street or live in bars.


Bourbon Street is a must see during a holiday in New Orleans. This historic street in the French Quarter is full of bars, strip clubs and music.


Did you know that New Orleans is known for Voodoo use? You experience that during a ‘ghost tour’.


During the world famous Mardi Grass you get to know the spectacular New Orleans. This is a carnival celebration between February 3 and March 9. Read all about Mardi Gras in New Orleans here, or check out Mardi Grass accommodations available at Trivago .


Close to the French Quarter is Jackson Square, which is always bustling with artists. On this square is the St. Louis Cathedral, the oldest cathedral in North America.


New Orleans is known for its culinary delights, of which you certainly cannot miss the gumbo, jambalaya and fried chicket. In Café Du Monde you can taste the delicious beignets during your holiday.


Don’t forget to check out the Garden District, where you’ll find quaint homes with huge gardens.


Its location on the Mississippi makes it possible to discover the mysterious bayou on an excursion during your vacation in New Orleans. Book an excursion with a travel guide , such as a bayou excursion or a ghost tour.

Tour of New Orleans in America

New Orleans is a popular stop on a tour of America. The most famous tour that includes a visit to New Orleans is the tour through the swinging deep South . During this trip the music states of America are visited, New Orleans in Louisiana and Memphis and Nasville in Tennessee.

Visiting New Orleans during a tour can also be combined with other cities, such as New York, Los Angeles or Orlando. A round trip is offered in the form of a group tour, but also as an individual trip with a car or a camper.

Tours of New Orleans are also offered in groups. You can find these group tours at travel providers TUI and Djoser , for example . On this website you will find all travel providers that offer fully arranged tours in America.

Flight and hotel information New Orleans

There are several flights available for a holiday to New Orleans. Travel time is approximately 10 hours and 35 minutes, but because most flights have a stopover, it often takes 12 or 13 hours. Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY) is located 24 km from downtown, about 20 minutes by car.

For a vacation in the bustling center of New Orleans, stay in a hotel in the French Quarter. This French Quarter is the nicest part for a New Orleans vacation. The hotels here are often more expensive than in other parts of New Orleans. A cheaper option is to stay in the Central Business District, just next to the French Quarter.

Tips & things to do in New Orleans