US 22 in Ohio

US 22 in Ohio

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US 22
Get started Cincinnati
End Steubenville
Length 244 mi
Length 392 km


Washington Court House









County Road 22A

West Wintersville


West Steubenville


North Steubenville

Downtown Steubenville

West Virginia

According to Simplyyellowpages, US 22 is a US Highway in the US state of Ohio. The road forms an east-west route through the south and east of the state, from the city of Cincinnati to the West Virginia border at Steubenville. The route is partially double -numbered with US 40. The road is 392 kilometers long.

Travel directions


The road begins in downtown Cincinnati as 7th Street, where it intersects US 27, US 42, US 50, and US 52. It then connects to Interstate 71, which runs to Columbus and Cleveland. The road is then called Gilbert Avenue and passes through the city’s older neighborhoods, paralleling I-71 to the northeast. The road here largely has 4 lanes with many intersections. The road then crosses I-71 again, then runs on its west side, through the suburbs of Norwood and Silverton. It connects with State Route 562, a short east-west highway between theInterstate 75 and Interstate 71. The road here is called Montgomery Road and also has 4 lanes. Kenwood crosses I-71 for the last time, then joins State Route 126, an east-west highway through the northern suburbs of Cincinnati. Not far after that, at Montgomery, it connects with the Cincinnati ring road, Interstate 275. Then some last suburbs follow and the river Little Miami is crossed.

Southern Ohio

The road then begins a long route to the northeast, parallel to Interstate 71 for a long time. There will then no longer be any major cities, but a number of regional towns will follow. This part of Ohio still has some forest, but that is quickly decreasing. About 50 kilometers outside of Cincinnati you pass through the town of Wilmington, where there is an intersection with US 68, in Clinton County. US 68 comes from Maysville in Kentucky and heads north to Springfield. This part of Ohio is almost treeless with endless agricultural fields. After about 30 kilometers you reach the town of Washington Court House in Fayette County. Here is a connection with the US 35 freeway, which runs from Daytonto Chillicothe. Also in the center, the US 62 crosses the road from Maysville to Columbus. The road here continues off I-71, then heads east through Picakaway County, through a flat area with the occasional small river. In Circleville you cross the US 23, the 2×2 main road from the capital Columbus to Chillicothe. It also crosses the Scioto River, a more important tributary of the Ohio.

Eastern Ohio

OH-7 and US 22 at Steubenville.

One then enters Fairfield County, where Lancaster is the main town. Here you cross the US 33, a highway from Columbus to Athens. The road here runs along the edges of the Appalachian Mountains. Especially after Lancaster, the area becomes hillier with more forest. After about 60 kilometers follows the town of Zanesville, which has 26,000 inhabitants and is located on the Muskingum River. Here, US 22 merges with US 40, which runs parallel to Interstate 70, the highway from Columbus to Wheeling and Baltimore. Follow I-70 on the south side for a while, then US 22/US 40 crosses I-70 and runs on its north side. This section has 2×2 lanes, a remnant from the time when I-70 was not yet built. In the small town of Cambridge, US 40 and US 22 split, US 40 continues east, paralleling I-70, while US 22 runs northeast, intersecting Interstate 77, the highway from Charleston to cleveland.

This area is downright hilly, and has few larger towns. You pass through a wooded area, past a number of reservoirs. At the village of Cadiz, in Harrison County, one crosses US 250, the main road from Wooster to Wheeling. A portion of US 22 begins from Hopedale, taking the road past the town of Steubenville. Steubenville is located on the Ohio River, and also the border with West Virginia. US 22 here crosses State Route 7, a highway from Wheeling to East Liverpool and Youngstown in the north. The road then crosses the Ohio River, continuing on US 22 in West Virginia as a highway to Weirton and Pittsburgh.


According to itypejob, US 22 was created in 1926, but then started in Cambridge, near the interchange of I-70 and I-77, which was not completed until much later. In 1932, the route was extended southwest with a short double-numbered US 40 to Cincinnati, which has been its starting point ever since. The route has not changed substantially in Ohio since then.

The Cadiz Bypass opened around 1962, as a short freeway with 2×2 lanes and two grade separations. Shortly after, a 2×2 lane bypass of Hopedale and two grade-separated intersections also opened slightly to the east.

Steubenville Bypass

Around 1970, a five-mile stretch of freeway opened between Bloomingdale and the west side of Wintersville. This was the prelude to the freeway bypass of Steubenville, located on the Ohio River. However, the bypass took longer than expected and was only opened around Wintersville and Steubenville circa 1994-1995. The Veterans Memorial Bridge over the Ohio River to Weirton, West Virginia was completed a little earlier in 1990. Around 1997, the intermediate section that coincides with the OH-7 was widened to 2×2 lanes. This made the entire route in Jefferson County a freeway.

US 22 in Ohio