Twitter Implements New Item Interface, Hovercards

Began to be implemented on Wednesday (3) a new interface feature on Twitter, the Hovercards (floating cards, free translation). The appeal, despite the name that seems to come from a science fiction film, is nothing so different: it is a floating panel, who are increasingly common that our web 2.0 every day. Although simple, the action promises to be a practical way to interact with people behind every tweet.

The Hovercards arise when for the mouse pointer over a username or avatar name on your timeline. The panel that appears will show information about the person in question and allow it to interact with it without leaving your page’s context. Some of the possibilities are, for example, the following people mentioned in tweets or DMs to send someone (direct messages, for those who are not familiar with the jargon Twitterer), all without leaving the comfort of your timeline.

But Twitter warns: the Hovercards will be implemented gradually, so not everyone will see them immediately. [Twitter Blog / Image: Mirian Bottan]