The Pre, Post And After By Miriam Wu

The week begins with a very special tribute to my dear friend columnist Miriam Wu, Tips for Mommy.

At this point she’s probably with your little Sofia in the arms and experiencing again the joy of the birth of a son and a new phase in your life.

MI, Sofia has good health and bring even more joy to your life!

And a few days ago she sent me this post super honest the last few moments before you have your second child.

As always, a text that shows the real life!

The pre, post and After…

Anyone who knows me and accompany me, you know I’m on the eve of giving birth to my second daughter–Sofia.

And with the arrival of the end of my second pregnancy, my head is already bubbling up of thoughts and new goals for maternity shorts from

Explain: In Victorinha’s pregnancy, everything was new and unknown … and many situations after her arrival, I simply let myself go or I “dampened competitive” before all those new circumstances.

On my second pregnancy, there are some situations that no longer will catch me “short pants”, i.e. want to prevent even before they can (think of) happen-

Truth be told, there’s a lot about motherhood that nobody talks about it while you’re “waiting”, we end up learning is on “race” at all.

The truth is, we always have many doubts, too many insecurities on many points of motherhood and always have!

As I said earlier, I’m living my second pregnancy–fortunately (or unfortunately) many things I already know, but do not be fooled in thinking that I’m also full of many (new) doubts, many (new) insecurities….

Believe me, we are daily learning and to surprise us with the art of being a mother.


Already mentioned in one of my blog posts, I felt/I had the BabyBlues-(

and I confess, that gives me chills, just thinking that there is a possible chance of having him back.

So I’m working on a daily basis my psychological-I’ve been reading a lot about it, and looking for some alternatives to ameliorate this phase of (new) hormonal adjustment that our body undergoes post childbirth.

I know that’s a BabyBlues hormonal factor, but I also know that I had my share of “fault” as soon as the period of her won….

As soon as Victorinha was born, my mind turned 100% maternity, and with that, I ended up forgetting much of my wife/female side.

I’ve always been an extremely vain, and with the arrival of Victorinha….com the rush of daily life have a new Member in the family, I just do a lot with myself-in the sense of taking care of myself, had time for me.

This time, one of my goals post-partum is not to let that happen.

Of course I don’t have how to program everything, and I know that in life, everything that we programmed in fact we can control. After all even I know, how will the new logistics at home-with the arrival of a new baby.

But I’ve been thinking seriously of policing and me really re-educate in more ways than one:


1-Nothing in my Pajamas all day

2-I have no intention to make a beautiful make-up every day, but nothing prevents me to spend 3 minutes to use the trio wonder: concealer, blush and mascara.

3-try to adjust to at least get 1or 2 x a week, take a moment just for me=. (I’ll take shame, after almost 2 decades without stepping into a gym)

4–focus on making peace with my mirror: in other words, take care of the hair to toe-I’m sure this will cause my self-esteem come back faster, thus avoiding possible depression.


Some may be thinking:-Wow, that post frivolous.

But believe me, there’s nothing frivolous, what I’m saying! With so many tasks that I have in my daily life, is hard to find time or sticking to trifles.

I can say to all, that set targets (even if small) to keep your self-esteem daily, is almost an act of survival in the midst of so many new changes in your boring routine.

It is very important to do this-do it to and for you and for your baby, it inevitably will reflect on something good for your marital relationship. Everything changes with the arrival of a (new) baby in you, and these changes may affect your marital relationship very much, if you are not good about yourself.

You taking care of yourself during and after the postpartum, has a greater chance of having one after much happier…

It took a lot to make me feel good after my postpartum in my first pregnancy-and frankly, I don’t expect and I don’t want to take that long to be able to recover this time–I mean, in all senses (recovery of body, mind and soul).

I just want to get along with the mirror, along with my feminine side, and along with my partner.

I know this will reflect in everything that is around me, especially in the harmony of my home.

* Those who want to read, I wrote a text about it in the link below:


In times where the social media show daily many women/mothers always in a State of “perfection” –I have to say that “perfect life” only exists on Instagram. (make no mistake!)

Because it is not easy to get or have provisions to keep really beautiful, having a place to coordinate, children to educate, and still maintain a professional – is hard… very hard. But it’s not impossible.–focus and determination are key words for the conquest of it.

Play with my husband that I’m making a real “war strategy against postpartum” –I stopped following the profiles that seem to me to be “fakes”, to follow women more real–that really inspire me with their determination to move the body or recover the old body.

I’m following tips from nutritionists, dermatologists, and all the “ist” future allies to the welfare…

I rescued my old pictures (even before I became a mother) and put all in the fridge–so I don’t forget who I was and how I want to be.

Of course time doesn’t come back, but I want to get better than my past and add up to the best of my present, to make my future better.

I have with me that only a woman/mother happy and pleased with myself, you can make your kids even more happy!

If you have dicas….me, I’d love to receive functional tips real women like you, like me… anyway, as all of us!

Kisses and wish me good luck!