USS Midway Museum

The Highlights of San Diego, California

North America

San Diego is the second largest city in California and thanks to its pleasant climate, the city has something to offer every season. It is an ideal destination to escape the cold climate of the Netherlands during the dark winter months. The beaches here are beautiful and often less crowded than other coastal towns in California. If you prefer to be more active, there is also plenty to do.

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According to Ehangzhou, San Diego is one of the most surprising cities in California and the Spanish influence is clearly visible. This city in the hills offers the ideal combination of beach, sea and city and can be visited all year round thanks to the mild climate. Visit the lively neighborhoods such as Old Town and Little Italy, take the surfboard to the sea or take a look at the open-air stadium Petco Park. Make the trip to Coronado Island via the two-mile San Diego Coronado Bridge to stretch out a towel on one of its charming beaches or head to the interesting aircraft carrier USS Midway.

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Traffic In San Diego And The Surrounding Area

San Diego is located in sun-drenched California, about a two-hour drive south of Los Angeles. Moreover, the Mexican border is only twenty kilometers from the city. If you drive around in San Diego, please note that the traffic rules differ slightly from those in the Netherlands. We go through the biggest differences with you.

Speed ‚Äč‚Äčlimits vary by state. This is clearly signposted along the road. In general, a speed of 40-64 km/h applies within built-up areas and 64-112 km/h outside built-up areas. When entering the motorway, stick to 88-120 km/h. In school zones the speed limit is 24 or 32 km/h.

The road signs differ greatly from the Netherlands. In addition, some signs are only in use in specific states, while others are nationwide. A black rectangular sign with a white speed limit and the inscription ‘Night’ indicates a speed limit that only applies at night. A yellow, square sign with the speed indication in black indicates a speed advice. If you see a school bus with flashing red lights, do not pass it. You must stop six meters away and wait for the flashing lights to go out. This also applies to school buses parked on the opposite side of the road, unless a barrier separates both sides of the road.

Overtaking on the right is allowed on lanes with two or more lanes. In addition, you may still turn right at a red traffic light, unless it is specifically indicated that this is not allowed. Make sure that you do not hinder other traffic and that there are no crossing pedestrians.

Visit The Remarkable Balboa Park

Balboa Park resembles a village within the city and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Nature, science and culture come together in the park. Here you can visit more than sixteen museums and performing arts, stroll through beautiful gardens and admire the San Diego Zoo. In addition, there are a number of architectural highlights here, such as Casa De Balboa where human figures bear the weight of the roof on their shoulders, the glass dome of the Botanical Building, the Mingei International Museum in a Spanish colonial style and the California Tower.

Put On Your Swimsuit And Visit Mission Park Bay

This part of San Diego is known as a water sports paradise. You can wakeboard and water ski here, but sailing can also be mastered here. On the beach you can watch the organized competitions from your towel or take a trip to one of the theme parks such as Seaworld and the Aquatic Center.

Feast Your Eyes On The Torrey Pines State Reserve

With a jagged coastline and rugged cliffs, Torrey Pines State Reserveone of the most beautiful and untamed natural areas of the California coast. You can walk for hours along pristine beaches, pine trees and a lagoon that is hugely important for the migration of birds. The sunsets you experience here are spectacular and suddenly the environment looks completely different. You can enjoy walking here and during a beautiful sunset the colors of this untamed nature reserve change. Visit the visitor center for information about the walks and don’t miss the museum shop for a nice souvenir. Then stroll along the towering cliffs that rise from the sea, admire the flora and fauna and take a look at the Historic Torrey Pines Lodge built between 1922 and 1923.

Take A Look At The USS Midway Museum

Here, take a leisurely audio tour of the world’s oldest aircraft carrier, the USS Midway. You will be amazed at the huge ship where the fighter planes and fighter jets are still on the deck. The aircraft served in wars from World War II to the Gulf War. On the ship itself, you can step into the crew’s sleeping quarters. Meanwhile, volunteers are walking around who are very enthusiastic about sharing their experiences, statistics and anecdotes with you. It is also a fun experience for children to look around and view the flight simulators, music videos, short films and the cockpits. The museum is located on Navy Pier in downtown San Diego.

USS Midway Museum