“The Fappening”: Icloud Sextape Released

Nude photos of many famous women were published under the title “The Fappening” today’s 01 September. Among others include Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence (24, “Tribute by panem”), supermodel Kate Upton (22, “The girlfriends of the damage”) and Hollywood star Kirsten Dunst (32, “Spiderman”) to the victims of the large-scale hack attack.

Mary E. Winstead (29, “Final Destination 3”), which released the following statement about on Twitter can be found among the numerous victims of the nude pics:

To those of you looking at photos I took with my husband years ago in the privacy of our home, hope you feel great about yourselves according to Phonejust.

-Mary E. Winstead (@M_E_Winstead) 31 August 2014

What do Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence? Nothing! A spokesman says: “This is a heinous invasion of privacy.”

What was hacked? Is iCloud uncertain?

On the Web, a script is showed up a few hours ago, which proves that the pictures were in fact stolen about iCloud. But how did the hackers? Usually there is a lock of the requesting IP for multiple login attempts. It is also on the login form for iCloud, but lacked this feature find my iPhone, an iCloud product. Because no login-brake locked out the hackers they could automatically testing tens thousands passwords through the so-called brute method, get access to the content. This gap was fixed now!

How can I protect myself?

  1. Use any simple password combinations! iCloud the specifications of new passwords has made lately strict, to avoid answers to such problems. Older accounts can use yet simple password combinations, so an upgrade is recommended.
  2. Use public Wi-Fi hotspots only when absolutely necessary. Today, it has been suggested that hackers have gained via a public Wi-Fi hotspot at a film event, access to the Smartphones. Even if this is not the case, you should be still careful.
  3. Save 😉 no nude photos on your Smartphone!