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Everyone knows physics as a subject from school. The word comes from the Greek physikē , which means “ exploration of nature”. Physics is therefore the basis on which all other natural sciences are built. She tries to describe all natural phenomena in basic laws. Physics engineers try to put the theoretical knowledge of physics into practice .

Based on research in the field of physics, they develop technical processes and products. Inventions like the laser and today’s medical procedures like laser surgery are among them. In addition to laser technology , physics engineers deal with areas such as surface or energy technology .

Major fields of study in physical engineering

According to Mcat-Test-Centers, the study of physical engineering is at the interface between physics and engineering . Over 25 universities offer courses in the field of physical engineering. It is always an advantage to get detailed information about the study programs in advance. Because every university has its own focus, such as laser technology or micro and nano technology .

Regardless of which specialization new students choose, having a great interest in physics and an understanding of mathematics is always an advantage. Enthusiasm for technical processes is just as necessary as the ability to think abstractly and develop new ideas and solutions.

In the bachelor’s degree

At the beginning of the bachelor’s degree, the basics of physics and mathematics are taught. Engineering subjects such as electrical engineering , materials science and thermodynamics are also on the schedule.

The computer science also occupies an important space in the basic study. Depending on the university and course of study, a specialization in certain areas of work such as medical technology or energy and process engineering is required in the main course. The work in the laboratory and internships ensure that the students put what they have learned into practice.

In the master’s degree

The master’s program, which follows on from the bachelor’s program, offers the opportunity to further specialize in a research area. In addition, a master’s degree qualifies for management positions or an academic career . For example, the specializations in micro- and nanotechnology or environmental technology are offered . In addition, there are general master’s courses that cover a broader range of subjects.

Career prospects for physics engineers

Due to the wide range of content in the subject, the areas of application for graduates of physical engineering are diverse. Employers are, for example, research departments of large industrial companies or private and state research institutes. Physics engineers research new physical-technical processes or develop new technical devices and systems based on their knowledge in their specialty.

In addition to research, they are responsible for quality control and management , marketing and sales or consulting . The industries in which physics engineers can find work range from the automotive industry to medical technology and environmental technology. Aside from industry, physics engineers are employed, for example, in the public sector, at clinics or universities.

Study physical technology globally

Studying abroad is a unique opportunity to broaden your personal horizons and gain important additional qualifications. One or more semesters abroad offer the opportunity to get to know a different culture and mentality. In addition, students benefit from an improvement in their foreign language skills and the acquisition of intercultural competencies and soft skills . This also includes the ability to work in international teams, communication skills, flexibility and organizational talent.

Study Physical Engineering