Study Abroad in University of California Santa Barbara

Study Abroad in University of California Santa Barbara

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First steps:

Do’s – buy a mobile phone. Without a cell phone, you’re pretty lost here. Anyone who owns a tri-band cell phone can also buy just one SIM card. Recommended provider: T-mobile. Even if you don’t believe it, they are the cheap providers here. Definitely buy a prepaid cell phone if you don’t stay here for 2 years. Either in the Camino Real Shopping center in one of the many shops, e.g. Staples, Comp USA or on the Internet. The next T-moblie shop is in the Paseo Nuevo shopping center in downtown Santa Barbara directly on State Street.

Do’s buy a bike. You can’t get around here without a bike. Especially if you live in Isla Vista, a bike is irreplaceable. Important: Don’t forget the lock, otherwise the bike will be gone. Either buy a cycler or another used bike from a notice at the university or go to K-mart. To be found in the Camino Real shopping center. There you can get a qualitative, modest bike for about $ 90, but if you only stay here for 6 months…. Tip here to buy the service plan. It costs $ 10 but then they fix everything, including flat tires. Because as I said the quality is modest. Better bikes are also available from Bycicle Bob’s in the Camino Real Shopping Center. The Camino Real shopping center can be found at the intersection of Hollister and Storke streets. Where the extension building of the university is also located.

Organize Do’s city map. Free city maps are available, for example, in the UCSB Visitor Center. Get more student review on University of California Santa Barbara on maternityetchic.

Do’s Stop by the Extension Center. Pick up information and your student ID, because you can use it to travel by bus for free.

Do’s do sports. Membership in the Rec Center is available for $ 60 per quarter and it is definitely worth it.

Do’s driver’s license or ID. Just pass by the DMV, also in the Camino Real Shopping Center. You don’t need it, but it only costs $ 25 and makes life easier at times. The practical and theoretical exams are a joke according to European ideas and can be done easily with a little learning.

Do’s Don’ts Whether you should buy a car – I don’t think so. But if you live far away it is quite convenient. Don’t forget, parking spaces are in short supply in Isla Vista and are chargeable at the university. But the best way to travel. Maybe buy a car with several people.

Do’s library card. There is a fee for it, but if you can borrow a textbook and don’t have to buy it, that’s money well invested.

Do’s computer password and email address. Ask the Extension Center and Umail help desk (located in Phelps Hall). Without this you can only access the Internet in a few places, e.g. library. They also give away $ 25 in printing credit.


Do’s living in a shared flat with Americans. It’s the best way to get in touch with Americans and speak English here. Warning: Living in Santa Barbara is very expensive! A shared room is standard and costs between $ 350 and 650. Single rooms start at $ 700. Own apartments start at $ 800.

Don’ts host family Actually quite cheap, around $ 700 with half board. Bobbie Collier from Extension is also very helpful. But you want student life, don’t you? In addition, the experiences with the families are mixed. But if you are looking for a little more peace and quiet, you can be in good hands there. Additional advantage: you have someone to pick you up from the airport, etc.


Don’ts Don’t have fun with the police. The police are very rigid here. Not resisting arrest, it’s a criminal offense. Stay calm and shut up. Be friendly and only speak when prompted. Say as little as possible, you don’t want to burden yourself. Lawyers help in tricky situations, but they are quite expensive.

Don’t drink alcohol, ohol on the street, if the police catch you you spend the night in jail and are allowed to pay several hundred dollars.

Don’t drink alcohol and drive a car, that creates a lot of trouble… ..called DUI, driving under the influence.

Don’t ride a bike under the influence of alcohol. Yes, that is also a criminal offense, called RUI. But that is not so noticeable…..and where no judge….

Don’t sit around heavily drunk in public. That is also a criminal offense and if the police in Isla Vista are bored right now……

Don’t be drunk in public if you’re under 21. 21 is the minimum age for alcohol here. What is of
course kindly overlooked at private parties….

Don’t ride your bike on campus off the bike paths, if the police catch you it will be expensive…

Getting there:

Do’s Fly Direct to Santa Barbara (SBA). The airport is right next to the university. In addition, on international flights, the national connecting flights are often free of charge. Otherwise there is the Airbus that takes you to Los Angeles (LAX) every 2-4 hours, but costs $ 40.

Study Abroad in University of California Santa Barbara