Study Abroad in Universitat Autònoma De Barcelona

Study Abroad in Universitat Autònoma De Barcelona

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I had attended the following 4 courses, sorted by popularity:

Managerial Skills for International Business

Favorite No. 1. On the one hand, this is due to Prof. Maydo, who is incredibly nice, funny and clever. She loves her job and you can tell by her infectious enthusiasm. On the other hand, the lessons were always designed to be very interesting and practical. The theory was illustrated using indoor and outdoor games, films and various practical examples. There was very often homework, but it was not time consuming and could be done within half an hour. Midterm and final consisted of 20 true / false questions. It’s pretty easy to get good grades in this subject. Get more student review on Universitat Autònoma De Barcelona on maternityetchic.

E-Commerce and Online Businesses

Favorite No. 2. In addition to the three smaller presentations (mobile app, e-commerce news and industry analysis), we had to do a large creative project that I personally had a lot of fun. The tasks of this project included the creation of an own e-commerce business and the creation of the website in groups of two to three people. Afterwards we should present our company to the other course participants. Prof. Otilia was always very helpful and incredibly nice. Good grades can also be achieved here relatively easily. In contrast to the other subjects, there was no compulsory attendance here.

Cross-cultural management

Favorite No. 3. Prof. Jean-Philippe has a lot of experience in the area of ​​cross-cultural management by working in different cultures and by interacting with people of different nationalities. He is very passionate about passing on his own findings, supported by theoretical and empirical knowledge. In addition to an individual presentation about a certain culture and a group presentation, we had to write the so-called “My Personal Orientation” paper, in which we should write through self-reflection about our own experiences with regard to the dimensions of cross-cultural management developed in the classroom. At the end of the semester we wrote the final. To get a ten (highest grade), you have to work a little harder. Eight to nine points are pretty easy to get here.

International Marketing Strategies

Unfortunately, I didn’t like this course. This was mainly due to Prof. Gabriel, who was difficult to understand due to his poor knowledge of English. I felt like he wasn’t very interested in teaching the students his subject or getting us excited about it. That’s why I didn’t learn anything new. In addition to the midterm and final, we had to do a case study analysis and create a marketing plan.

Living in Barcelona

I would recommend Resa to those who value cleanliness, comfort and, above all, safety and who are willing to pay a little more for them. They offer six student residences across Barcelona (e.g. next to the beautiful La Ciutadella park, right on the beach in Barceloneta or in one of the most affluent areas in Barcelona St. Gervasi), which differ slightly in terms of price and degree of renovation. You can z. B. for approx. 450 € p. P. (all incl.) Share a room with another person, or for approx. 560 € -690 € (all incl.) You can also rent a single room with a fitted kitchen and your own bathroom. The dormitories are all very well monitored so that you feel very safe. In addition, the dormitory has a small fitness room, a laundry room, many rooms for studying and a common area where you can play table tennis, table football or billiards and get to know a lot of new people (mostly Spaniards).

Even if the prices were higher than for a room in a shared apartment, I am glad that I lived in the student dormitory. Unfortunately, friends’ shared apartments were broken into, but I always felt very safe here. In the event that something was not working or was not clean, the students could contact the staff directly and the problem was resolved immediately.

Conclusion student residence:

  • + Security
  • + Comfort & cleanliness
  • + many new acquaintances
  • + Sports facilities
  • + Canteen (with slightly higher prices)
  • – Costs


  • Uni (4 courses): € 2605
  • Rent per month: 690 €
    • + Deposit: 400 €
    • + Washer & dryer: € 2 each
  • 3-month T-Jove ticket (all public transport in zone 1): € 105
  • Mobile phone (Vodafone, 1GB, 60 free minutes abroad): € 15
  • Eating & drinking & going out per month: € 500
  • Flights (Bcn-Düss. With Vueling or Germanwings): € 100-150
  • Excursion to Andalusia: 180 €

Feedback & Tips

As you have probably already read in other experience reports, Barcelona has a lot to offer and is perfect for a semester abroad. Lying on the beach until the end of November, experiencing beautiful, diverse and colorful culture, enjoying great food, dancing in the club from Monday to Sunday, going shopping until 10 p.m. and studying very relaxed and enthusiastically, everything is included !;)

  • My recommendation: find your Spanish friends! 🙂 Then you will see sides of Barcelona that you might otherwise never explore and visit restaurants and cafes that no tourist knows. At this point I can recommend Bar Thomas in the Sarria district. It is a small tapas bar with typical Spanish waiters, locals as visitors and the best (even if a little smaller) selection of tapas. The districts of Sarria and St. Gervasi are beautiful and a little different from the center of Barcelona.
  • Another piece of advice: even if the infrastructure in Barcelona is very well developed, you can walk a lot! Then you come across the cute little streets, houses, cafes…
  • A couple of good cafes:
    • Bacoa: best burger;
    • Tamarindo: delicious Mexican food;
    • Sweet, sweeter, Chök: indescribably delicious and beautiful Berliners, cronuts and pralines;
    • Giulietta: delicious cake selection
  • Instagram group about food in Barcelona: barcelonafoodexperience
  • Cheap trips (Madrid, Andalusia, Girona,…):!our-updates/c1xl5

Have fun in Barcelona!!

Study Abroad in Universitat Autònoma De Barcelona