Study Abroad in Thompson Rivers University

Study Abroad in Thompson Rivers University

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First of all, a big thank you to for the excellent support. They were always at your side from the initial consultation to your return to Germany.

Canada is a great country because it offers all facets. Whether you want to see the wonderful landscape or the big cities. The Thompson Rivers University Kamloops is very close to such attractions, including the city of Vancouver, which is just a 3 – 4 hour drive away. Furthermore, there are the Rocky Mountains and the town of Banff with its national park, in summer as well as in winter it feels like paradise on earth.
A detour to Seattle is also worthwhile, because it’s just a 5 to 6 hour drive from Kamloops or a 2 hour drive from Vancouver. But remember to take the certificate of enrollment with you, otherwise you will have major problems coming back to Canada at the border on the way back.

Canada itself was so attractive to me because the costs for a semester abroad are relatively low compared to Australia or other countries. Accommodation and tuition fees are a lot cheaper, especially in the “summer session”. However, this also has its disadvantage, because the campus activities cannot be compared with those of a “fall session”. That means more students, more parties and, above all, more lectures. So it may well be that you don’t take as many courses in the summer as you had previously thought or wished for. So if you should decide to study there in the summer, research exactly which courses are offered and which content is dealt with there. Otherwise there is only wasted money or you cacelled a course and have more free time. But whether that is in the interests of each individual is the other question. The advantages in summer are obvious, wonderful weather, 30 to 40 degrees and low humidity invite you to barbecue, beach and swimming. Since the university is close to a river, bathing fun is inevitable. It can be reached in 10 minutes by car. You meet a lot of interesting people and you can improve your English. Because one thing has to be said clearly: Canadians have a different mentality than Germans. They approach you openly and are never really averse to having a conversation with you. bathing fun is preprogrammed. It can be reached in 10 minutes by car. You meet a lot of interesting people and you can improve your English. Because one thing has to be said clearly: Canadians have a different mentality than Germans. They approach you openly and are never really averse to having a conversation with you. Get more student review on Thompson Rivers University on maternityetchic.

The city of Kamloops offers much more, it is a small and quiet city, but still offers many bars and some clubs. Shops are very close to the university. Groceries and all other possible needs can be obtained from the supermarket 5 minutes away. A large shopping mall is 15 minutes away by bus. The infrastructure is very well organized and therefore further routes are not a problem.

The university is built according to typical American conditions. If you rely on the impressions from the films, you will not be disappointed. The campus is huge, be it coffees, leisure activities such as sports or the lecture halls themselves, everything is available for every taste. The sports center on campus should be emphasized here. Whether swimming, weight training, soccer, basketball or football, everything is offered here and is good for daily balancing.
The university is a relatively young institution and therefore everything is up to date. There are plenty of PC pools, everything with internet access and also open on Sundays and public holidays. The professors always have an open ear for study-related as well as private problems. If you are worried that you won’t make it from the linguistic aspect, you don’t need to worry about it. Certainly everyone needs some time to get used to, but after 2 – 4 weeks at the latest this phase is over and the comprehension and understanding of the lecture content as well as the interaction with professors and students is possible. Because usually the most difficult point is to overcome your fears of doing something wrong. It is precisely through the education system that these fears are refuted and challenged. During the semester, presentations, class participation, projects, discussions and debates, weekly exams, intermediate and final exams are queried and are included in the overall performance. Hence, it is just difficult to get a bad grade.

There are three different types of accommodation. The residence, the most expensive and at the same time the tallest building in Kamloops. The motto that applies here is that quality has its price. You share your apartment with another student, everyone has their own bedroom / living area and you share a bathroom and kitchen. The personal rooms are equipped with heating, television, air conditioning (very useful in summer), internet access (included in the price), king-size bed and refrigerator. There are also fewer restrictions here that you have to adhere to and overall it is a very nice ambience.
McGill Housing (On campus Housing), however, does not offer the comfort and in addition to the private room, the bathroom is shared with 4 other students. You live in a small room, everything you need is available such as kitchen equipment (refrigerator, microwave, hotplates, etc.), bed, desk and shelves. Internet access is also available here, but this must be ordered additionally. What is very harmonious here is that there is an “office building” where everyone can meet in the evening, sit comfortably together to watch TV, play billiards, have a barbecue, etc. In my opinion, there is a warmer relationship here with one another and also to the staff and it costs a lot less.
The third option is a student dormitory outside the campus with a medium price range and therefore also medium comfort. From here you walk a good 10 minutes to the campus and can be annoying at times. However, other facilities such as a supermarket are just across the street.

My conclusion is, a perfect university with a wonderful environment. It was the best experience of my life so far and I was by no means disappointed. The only point of criticism is the somewhat stripped-down version of courses in the summer semester. It should be emphasized that there is a “campus activity center” that offers many excursions such as kayaking, golf, rock climbing and many more for a certain fee, so you never get bored, you are always in company and you learn the language almost perfectly.

Study Abroad in Thompson Rivers University