Study Abroad in California State University Northridge

Study Abroad in California State University Northridge

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Semester abroad in Northridge

At the beginning I would like to express my compliments to MicroEDU. Questions were answered as quickly as possible and in as much detail as possible, and preparation and entry into the semester were made much easier. However, you should start applying and organizing everything 1 year to ¾ year in advance.

A semester abroad in Los Angeles is what many students dream of. I was initially interested in a semester abroad in San Diego, but in the end it turned out to be Northridge. There were several factors behind this, including the fact that a friend of mine lives in Los Angeles. Northridge itself is not the rich area of ​​LA, but there are still opportunities to spend your free time, for example shopping in the fashion center or partying in Dublins in the evening.

The CSUN is a respectable university. The gym and library are particularly beautiful buildings and the campus is very green and decorated with palm trees. There is almost always something going on on campus and every now and then there are free food campaigns during the semester. We also have a big show every year with Big Sean and Diplo performing and other cool promotions that you could do for a total of $ 10. Get more student review on California State University Northridge on maternityetchic.

Before I traveled to the USA, I read through a few testimonials and only ever read something about Kurskashen. It’s similar at CSUN, but getting all courses worked for most of us. Unfortunately, I only knew which courses I was going to take 2 weeks after starting university. That was the case for all Germans studying Marketing, because we had to prove our course 304 or our basic course in Marketing. So for all marketing students, send them the documents beforehand. In almost every subject you need books that cost inexpensive $ 200. However, some of the courses can also be completed without it or the books can be borrowed. In general, you have to do something throughout the semester, 5 quizzes, 2-3 exams and one presentation can occur per subject.


Finding an apartment has turned out to be not as easy as expected for many. I was lucky enough to have a friend of mine living in Los Angeles who I could stay with for 5 days. He also drove me from one house to the next and, of course, otherwise knows a lot about where to look. The crack house I lived in, now known in Los Angeles, was found on Expect to pay $ 550 / month for a furnished room. Our house was 2.5 miles from the university and took about 25 minutes by bike. Bicycles can also be found on Craigslist.

Cost of living

Life in Los Angeles is a lot more expensive than in Germany. Only when you have found out where to buy something can you save a bit of money. If you live near the Superkingmarket, I advise you to go shopping there, otherwise you should definitely get the club cards from the supermarkets, which will save you a lot of money.


If you live in Los Angeles, there are of course numerous opportunities to pass the time. Going to the stand, surfing, shopping, going on a trip to another city and of course in one of the bars or clubs in the evening. I can recommend a roof top bar to relax, namely the standard hotel in LA Downtown. However, one thing is necessary for all of this and that is a car. Public transportation in LA is just bad, the buses are not particularly late, but because everything is built very broad, it takes about 2-2 ½ hours by bus from Northridge to Santa Monica. A trip that I can recommend to you apart from Las Vegas, San Diego etc. is Santa Barbara on Halloween.


I can only advise everyone to do a semester in Northridge, I had a lot of fun and it was an experience I wouldn’t want to miss. If you dream of a semester at the beach, you are wrong here, because in the best case it is still 35 minutes by car to the ocean. But even if you are not at the beach every day, you will still have fun.

Study Abroad in California State University Northridge