State Route 147 in North Carolina

State Route 95, 147 and 148 in North Carolina

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North Carolina Interstate 95 Business

I-95 Bus.
Get started Fayetteville
End Fayetteville
Length 16 mi
Length 26 km
→ Florence


Middle Road

Bobbin Holmes Road

→ Rocky Mount

According to a2zdirectory, the Interstate 95 Business or I-95 Business is a business route of Interstate 95 in North Carolina. The road forms a route through the town of Fayetteville, opening up to and from the center of town, while I-95 itself bypasses Fayetteville. The I-95 Business is partially a freeway. I-95 Business is 16 miles long.

Travel directions

The freeway portion of I-95 Business.

South of Fayetteville, I-95 Business splits off Interstate 95 from Florence. I-95 Business is next an urban arterial in south Fayetteville. The road is a 2×2 divided highway with a large number of J-turns. Near downtown Fayetteville is a junction with State Route 87. The road then carries Eastern Boulevard through downtown.

From the bridge over the Cape Fear River, the road is a 2×2 lane freeway with grade separated connections. The area quickly becomes less urban, the highway stretch is 8 kilometers long to a junction with I-95 towards Rocky Mount.


The US 301/I-95 Business in Fayetteville.

I-95 Business is older than I-95 along Fayetteville itself, the road for some time fulfilled the role of through traffic on I-95. The Business Route was created in 1978, but the southern portion presumably existed as an approach road to Fayetteville from US 301 and later I-95 from Florence. It wasn’t until 1983 that I-95 was opened along Fayetteville itself.

The southern portion of I-95 Business is a 2×2 divided highway with intersections. This was transformed into Superstreet with J-turns around 2019.

Traffic intensities

Every day, 14,000 to 18,000 vehicles travel the south-level section between I-95 and NC-87. This increases to 20,000 vehicles at the center and 19,000 vehicles on the bridge over the Cape Fear River. The intensities on the highway section then drop to 10,000 vehicles until the interchange with I-95.

State Route 147 in North Carolina

Get started Durham
End Durham
Length 8 mi
Length 13 km
1A → Durham Bypass

1B Briggs Avenue

2 Alston Avenue

3A-C Downtown Durham

4A Chapel Hill Street

4B Swift Avenue

5 Elba Street

6 Fulton Street

7 → Chapel Hill

8 → Greensboro / Richmond

According to agooddir, State Route 147 or NC-147 is a state route and freeway in the U.S. state of North Carolina. The motorway forms a route through the city of Durham.

Travel directions

State Route 147 forms a freeway along downtown Durham, from Interstate 885 in the southeast to Interstate 85 in the northwest. The motorway has 2×2 lanes and leads directly past the center of Durham with several exits. The highway also connects to Duke University. To the west of Durham is an interchange with US 15 / US 501 just before its terminus at I-85.


Construction on the highway began in the late 1960s and around 1970, the first section opened on Chapel Hill Avenue to State Route 55 in downtown Durham. The highway was extended west to Erwin Road in the early 1970s and to Interstate 40 southeast of Durham in 1974. In 1992, the highway was extended west to US 15 in western Durham, but it wasn’t until about 1997 that the last section opened to Interstate 85. On December 8, 2011, a southerly extension opened as a toll road between I-40 and I-540, North Carolina’s first toll road.

State Route 147 was 16 miles long at the time. In 2022, the length of NC-147 was cut in half when the southern portion became part of Interstate 885. This shortened the route to a 13-kilometer stretch through Durham.

Traffic intensities

Much of State Route 147 handles between 50,000 and 55,000 vehicles per day, except for the westernmost portion between I-85 and US 15/501, which has around 20,000 vehicles.

State Route 148 in North Carolina

Begin Kinston
End Kinston
Length 14 mi
Length 22 km

Robinson Road

Rouse Road

Kinston Regional Airport

John Mewborne Road

Aerosystems Boulevard

Kinston (NC-58)

State Route 148 or NC-148, also known as the CF Harvey Parkway, is a state route and partial freeway in the U.S. state of North Carolina. The road forms a bypass of the city of Kinston in the east of the state and is 22 kilometers long.

Travel directions

State Route 148 forms the northern bypass of the city of Kinston. The entire road is a 2×2 divided highway, with the western and eastern parts being completely grade separated and thus a freeway. However, the central area around Kinston Regional Airport has multiple intersections. The western starting point is an interchange with US 70, the eastern terminus an interchange with State Route 11.


In 1944 an airfield at Kinston was built by the US Navy as a training airfield. In 1950 it became a full-fledged air base, Kinston Air Base. In 1957 the base was closed again. In 1978, the airport was reopened to passenger services, its formal name being the Kinston Regional Jetport. To stimulate the regional economy, the Global TransPark near the airport has been developed, an effort to develop the agricultural east of the state with more industry and logistics.

In order to provide better access to the Global TransPark, the CF Harvey Parkway has been constructed, which is not only a bypass of Kinston, but above all also provides access to the Global TransPark. In May 2001, the first section between Rouse Road and NC-58 opened as a single-storey 2×2 divided highway. In August 2003, the section between US 258 and Rouse Road opened, completing the at-grade portion of State Route 148. The connection to US 258 was originally at ground level.

Subsequently, the higher quality grade separated parts to the west and east of the Global TransPark were built. On May 22, 2014, the western portion of the highway between US 70 and US 258 opened. Subsequently, the eastern portion of highway between NC-58 and NC-11 was constructed. The 9-kilometer stretch opened on March 1, 2021.

Opening history

van nasty length datum remark
Rouse Road NC-58 3,6 km 00-05-2001 ground floor
US 258 Rouse Road 3,4 km 00-08-2003 ground floor
US 70 US 258 6,1 km 22-05-2014 freeway
NC-58 NC-11 8,5 km 01-03-2021 freeway


The road is named after C. Felix Harvey (1920-2014), a Kinston businessman who was instrumental in the creation of the Global TransPark.

State Route 147 in North Carolina