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South Africa Economics and education


According to countryaah, South Africa is one of countries located in southern part of African continent.

Economics and education

Tuition fees are paid for higher education in South Africa. If you are going on a study stay in South Africa as a guest student or if you are taking your entire education at a South African university, you must therefore pay tuition fees. However, the size of the fee can vary considerably between the different institutions. You can see the specific tuition fee on most universities’ websites. See the list of universities in the section Higher education.

Likewise, it will vary whether scholarships are offered to international students, which will also appear on the individual institutions’ websites, typically under the section aimed at international students.

On Stellenbosh Universit y is this example. the case for post-graduate international students.

As a Danish student, you can take your SU abroad. It requires that the study stay is part of your Danish education, and that your Danish place of education approves that the study stay gives full credit. You can also apply for support through a scholarship abroad that fully or partially covers study-related expenses on approved study stays.

You can read more about the possibilities for SU abroad and a scholarship abroad at – SU abroad

At the same time, you can apply for support through private grants

Work in South Africa

The latest unemployment figures for South Africa from the OECD show a total unemployment rate of 24.9 per cent. of the total workforce. It should be mentioned, however, that youth unemployment is significantly higher, despite the fact that total unemployment is already high. The biggest city in South Africa is Cape Town with population of 3,433,552.

As a foreigner in South Africa, it is most likely to get a job as either a volunteer, or by virtue of particularly in-demand skills. In connection with the latter, the South African Ministry of the Interior has recently introduced a special quota program for work visas for foreigners, with a view to attracting particularly qualified foreign labor.

If you are going to work in South Africa, special visas apply depending on the type of work you have to perform in South Africa.

The South African embassy in Hellerup can also help you with a work-related visa.

Practical conditions


If you are going to South Africa on a study stay, some universities offer the opportunity to find accommodation through the university, either on or off campus. Whether this option is offered to international students will in most cases appear on each university’s website.

If you are not going on a study stay, or if you are just interested in finding a home yourself, it can be an advantage to find out about the possibilities of renting an apartment before you leave.

For the larger cities you can e.g. see:

  • Property 24
  • GumTree
  • Private Propery South Africa


For info on what type of visa you should apply for for your stay in South Africa, you can get help at the South African Embassy in Hellerup

General info

  • General information about South Africa
  • Foreign Ministry travel guide to South Africa
  • Denmark in South Africa – Ministry of Foreign Affairs

If you are applying for education in South Africa, it is crucial that you thoroughly research the quality of the education. There can be a big difference between the educational institutions, the educations and the form of teaching internally in the country. You can obtain knowledge and experience about educations from relevant professionals in Denmark (eg teachers / researchers with knowledge of the subject area or the country), the international offices at Danish educational institutions or Danish students who have been to South Africa.

Facts about South Africa

Population: 51 million

Languages: Afrikaans and English as well as local languages

Employment: 25.2% (OECD, 2013)

Currency: Rand

Visa: Applied through the South African Embassy in Hellerup

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