Shop Amazon AppStore Will Come in Soon and Will Be a Serious Alternative to The Android Market

The launch of the Amazon Appstore, the app store for Android that prepares the own Amazon, is imminent. The news of the availability of the Angry Birds game exclusive is a strong incentive to pay attention. This is joined by the leaks of some already uploaded applications that, as it has revealed, are available at cheaper prices than in the Android Market.

The Android freedom enables the existence of various app stores and that applications are available in the markets that the developer wants to, provided that they comply with the standards by which each Market is governed. Taking advantage of some shortcomings of the Android Market and some market opportunities offered by such openness arises the Amazon store.

The Amazon approach is more in keeping with the concept of the Apple store, because that is intended to have applications that appear to have passed a control before being approved. The time estimated for one week approximately. The application cannot fail, must be safe and, of course, do what it says. This contrasts with the Android Market where applications are approved at the time and only in the case of being problematic are removed. Amazon aims to have a quality shop with applications certified by them.

Amazon AppStore, an alternative for developers

Applications submitted in the Amazon Appstore they can be of any type, except for the pornography and the illegal. Developers rise as so far the .apk and from the panel that Amazon has designed complete the tab and choose a price that is willing to sell the application. The developer cannot set a particular price, simply give an approximate value and Amazon will make a scale that is really worth that kind of application.

Developer takes 70% of the sale price and up to 20% of the fixed price if Amazon decides to offer it free of charge. At the moment, during the first year the fee that must be paid each developer is free (later will be $99).

Advantages that users can be found in the Amazon Appstore

Users will be those who benefit most from the competition between Google and Amazon. Since this struggle of prices will allow as we have already seen to have cheaper applications, or even download free applications from payment due to promotions from Amazon. In addition the quality of the applications that they can find in the store give added value of security regarding applications that do not pass checks.

Amazon recommendations go beyond applications previously downloaded. To be a global store can offer us applications related to our shopping or visited products that don’t have to be applications. If we bought a cookbook you can recommend us applications related to the theme or if we have visited a product like a tennis racket, teach us to that sport games.

Until we are released officially we don’t know how we can interact with the store. Following in the footsteps of the industry as normal would be that an application from the Amazon appeared appstore that installed in the mobile help us manage the purchase and download of applications as it makes the app from the Android Market.

You should add the web from Amazon where Android applications can be integrated as one product, since there is may transfer automatically to the phone as we have seen with the Google. It would be somewhat similar to what happens with e-books for Kindle.

Amazon has to work to make a system accessible to all users. Even the not accustomed with the Android Market, they will be that this platform able to grasp how new consumer applications.

In short, the Amazon Appstore will not replace the Android Market but it will open the panorama of Android market. Developers will have another place to sell applications and leverage various features incorporated on the Google.Ya life was beyond the Android Market, but this alternative supported by a large Internet seems much more serious than the rest that we have already said on other occasions.

We hope to be launch soon and make it accessible from outside us. UU during the initial launch phase.