Sheridan County, Wyoming

Sheridan County, Wyoming Demographics

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According to AGOODDIR, Sheridan County is located in the northern part of Wyoming and is bordered by Johnson County to the east and Big Horn County to the west. The county covers an area of 2,564 square miles and has a population of 29,116 people (as of 2019). The county seat is Sheridan.

The geography of Sheridan County consists mostly of rolling hills with some flat prairie land in the north. The county has several mountain ranges including the Bighorn Mountains, Black Hills, Big Horn Mountains, and Pryor Mountains. The county is also home to two national forests – Bighorn National Forest and Shoshone National Forest.

The weather in Sheridan County is generally mild with cold winters and warm summers. Average temperatures range from below freezing in winter to around 85°F (29°C) during summer months. Precipitation totals are relatively low at about 11 inches (280 mm) per year, but can vary greatly from year to year depending on weather patterns.

The population of Sheridan County is composed mostly of Caucasians (82%) followed by Native Americans (9%), African Americans (2%), Asians (2%), Hispanics/Latinos (3%), and other races/ethnicities making up the remaining 4%. The median household income for Sheridan County residents was $45,578 in 2018 which was slightly below the state median income for Wyoming at $56,422 that same year.

Economy of Sheridan County, Wyoming

Sheridan County’s economy is largely based on agriculture and natural resources. The area is known for its ranching and farming, with cattle and wheat being the two leading commodities. There are also a number of oil and gas operations in the county, as well as several coal mines. Tourism is also an important part of the local economy, with visitors coming to take advantage of the area’s outdoor recreation opportunities including hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, biking, and more.

The county has a diverse economic base that includes manufacturing, retail trade, healthcare services, financial services, construction services and other industries. The largest employer in the county is Sheridan Memorial Hospital which provides jobs to over 1,200 people. Other major employers include Walmart Supercenter (which employs over 800 people), Sheridan County School District #2 (over 700 employees) and First Bank & Trust (over 400 employees).

The unemployment rate in Sheridan County was 4.9% as of October 2019 which was lower than both the state rate of 5.3% and national rate of 3.6%. The per capita income for residents in 2017 was $30,850 which was slightly lower than both the state average of $32,387 and national average of $31,786 that same year.

Sheridan County has seen significant growth in recent years due to its strategic location along Interstate 90 as well as its proximity to Yellowstone National Park which attracts millions of visitors each year from all over the world. This growth has led to an increase in job opportunities across a variety of industries including education and healthcare services; retail trade; finance; construction; manufacturing; hospitality; tourism; oil & gas drilling; agriculture; transportation & warehousing; professional services such as law firms or accounting firms; information technology (IT) services; real estate development/investment companies etc., making it an attractive place for businesses looking to relocate or expand their operations in Wyoming’s northern region.

Libraries in Sheridan County, Wyoming

According to babyinger, Sheridan County, Wyoming is home to a number of libraries that offer residents and visitors alike a wealth of knowledge and resources. The county’s main library is the Sheridan County Public Library which serves the entire county and has been providing library services since 1883. The library offers a variety of services including books, DVDs, CDs, audio books, magazines, newspapers, research materials, computer access and programs for all ages.

The library also offers free Wi-Fi access as well as online databases such as eBooks and audiobooks that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. In addition to its main branch in downtown Sheridan, the library has two other branches located in Big Horn and Clearmont. All three branches are open seven days a week for extended hours during the summer months.

In addition to the Sheridan County Public Library, there are several other libraries located throughout the county. The Big Horn County Library in Big Horn is open Monday through Saturday with extended hours during the summer months; it offers books, DVDs, audiobooks and computer access as well as programs for children and adults.

The Story Branch Library in Story is open on Tuesdays only but offers similar services to those found at the Big Horn County Library including books, DVD’s audiobooks and computers with internet access; it also offers programs for children and adults throughout the year.

The Clearmont Branch Library in Clearmont is open on Mondays only but provides similar services to those offered at other libraries in Sheridan County; it also has a special collection of materials related to local history including photographs from early settlers of Sheridan County.

Finally, the Johnson Branch Library in Johnson provides similar services to those offered at other libraries throughout Sheridan County including books, DVD audiobooks and computers with internet access; it also holds weekly story time sessions for young readers as well as special events such as book clubs or movie nights throughout the year.

All of these libraries serve an important role within their respective communities by providing access to information that would otherwise be unavailable or difficult for residents to obtain on their own; they are also great places for people to come together socially while learning something new or just enjoying some quiet time alone with a good book or movie.

Landmarks in Sheridan County, Wyoming

Sheridan County, Wyoming

Sheridan County, Wyoming is home to some of the most stunning natural landmarks in the country. From the breathtaking Bighorn Mountains to the lush Tongue River Valley, this county provides a unique landscape for visitors and locals alike.

The Bighorn Mountains are a stunning mountain range located in northern Wyoming and southern Montana. This range is known for its rugged peaks, deep valleys, and abundant wildlife. The highest peak in the range is Cloud Peak at 13,167 feet above sea level. The Bighorns are popular among hikers and climbers who come to explore its many trails and enjoy its spectacular views.

The Tongue River Valley is another beautiful natural landmark in Sheridan County. This lush valley is located between the Big Horn Mountains to the north and the Owl Creek Mountains to the south. It’s known for its picturesque landscapes, wide-open spaces, and abundant wildlife including deer, elk, antelope, bighorn sheep, and more. The valley also offers plenty of outdoor activities such as fishing, camping, hiking, horseback riding and more.

The Big Horn National Forest is located just west of Sheridan County in both Wyoming and Montana. This forest covers over 3 million acres of wilderness with spectacular views of mountains valleys rivers canyons lakes forests meadows wildflowers wildlife birds plants fish amphibians reptiles mammals flowers trees shrubs grasses ferns lichens fungi mosses invertebrates insects spiders mites ticks crustaceans protozoans algae lichens fungi mosses etc.. There are plenty of opportunities here for outdoor recreation including camping fishing hunting hiking biking horseback riding off-roading ATVing snowmobiling skiing snowshoeing ice fishing boating rafting kayaking canoeing nature watching birdwatching photography stargazing rock hounding geocaching orienteering etc.

Sheridan County offers something for everyone from breathtaking natural landmarks to historically significant sites There’s no shortage of things to explore here so come visit today.