Sheffield Hallam University Study Abroad

Sheffield Hallam University Study Abroad

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If I had been asked a year ago that I was doing my Masters at Sheffield Hallam University in Sheffield, I would surely have shaken my head and asked who and what Sheffield is. After the first semester and a two-month internship in London, I can confidently say: that was by far the best decision. According to abbreviationfinder, Sheffield Hallam University is also known as SHU.

Thanks to MicroEDU , the placement went flawlessly and I left Sheffield at the end of January. There are two “intakes” at the university: Once from September to September (1 year) and for some courses, admission is also offered in January. However, these Masters usually last for 1 1/2 years, as you have about 4 months off in the summer. This time can also be used very well by either writing the master’s thesis or, like me, organizing an internship or a job.

What was also very helpful and I can recommend everyone to use sites like studivz. de and facebook. com to contact students who are there or who have already been to Sheffield in advance. As a result, I had already found contacts in Sheffield who could also give me useful tips.

The university offers pick-up services especially suitable for those who have never been to Sheffield before (mostly from Manchester). To do this, you have to check the times and days beforehand (if the application is successful, you will receive an information brochure with the days and times on it, so that you can coordinate your flight accordingly)

I organized my dormitory privately, but SHU also offers accommodation here and has a department that only takes care of the affairs of foreign students. Just be careful: many accommodations and dormitories are overpriced and partly in very bad condition, so it is always better to look for yourself on site or look for private, so-called “student accommodations” such as the Opal 1 or West One. In September there is also a so-called “House Hunting Week”where you are led through different houses in a minibus You can also get to know other students and share a house with them, which is definitely the cheapest option. However, you have to be prepared for the fact that the houses are also a bit out of the way, but since the city itself is pretty safe and not very big, this is usually not a problem. The buses / trams usually run until 11pm, usually you share but get a taxi in the evening.

The first week consisted of various introductions to the student life in Sheffield, the university itself, the libraries, the professors and courses. However, various excursions and pub evenings were organized with Erasumus, Master and Bachelor students, where all contacts could be made immediately. When it comes to nightlife in Sheffield, no one is neglected, as the city consists of students, numerous pubs and discos. You just have to be prepared for a lot of drunk and scantily clad English people in the evenings.

I like my master’s degree very much, both from my fellow students (many international students, as few English people complete a master’s degree; that makes the course more attractive anyway, or precisely because you get to know many different nationalities), as well as from the always courteous professors. A lot of additional help is offered, for example corrective help with homework or when looking for a job or internship. The university also offers opportunities to work with various external companies.

My examinations basically consist of term papers and presentations, ie no exams are written (although this could also please some). From the point of view of the claim, I can say: everyone who tries a little gets over the 60% hurdle, which is a good two area (1. 7). The principle at university is: a lot of input, a lot of performance within a very short time. The lectures are easy to follow, unfortunately I criticize the fact that the quality suffers due to the many foreign students.

Basically, the master’s degree is very well regarded and I can currently apply the content of the lectures and seminars wonderfully in my internship. One is definitely not trained as a “specialist idiot” here. In the first semester, for example, I had to write four assignments or so-called “business reports” of 4500-5000 words. That sounds like a lot, but it’s easy to do if you start early enough. The library is very well equipped so that you hardly have to buy books yourself. It is also open 24 hours a week, and it is not uncommon to see English people sleeping in pajamas at 4 a. m. in the library; o).

What I particularly liked were the courses in which we had to conduct real “business negotiations” and, so to speak, gave you an insight into the world of work. From time to time guest lecturers also hold lectures from well-known companies.

The cost of living in Sheffield is also a lot lower than in some other cities in England. You can find many cheap accommodations and also groceries (Lidl and Aldi are also available here;). Since the city is not that big, you can walk almost everywhere. But I would recommend everyone to take care of foreign student loans in good time, because unlike the “normal” student loans, most of them get it, it only takes a long time.

All in all, I can safely say that Sheffield is a great city to study: very friendly people who greet you in the morning with a “hey love” or “hey flower” (you have to get used to the Yorkshire accent), a good university, which with a few “ifs” and “buts” secures you wonderfully for a successful future and with experiences that I would never want to miss.

Sheffield Hallam University Study Abroad