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Sell on Amazon: Make Money with Amazon


Do you dream of your own online business? Then it has probably already occurred to you to make money with Amazon. But what options does the online giant offer to build your own business? We introduce you to the 5 most important ones.

Earn money with Amazon – Option 1: Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Probably the best-known solution for making money with or on Amazon is the affiliate marketing program of the largest marketplace in the world. To use this, you must first register with Amazon’s PartnerNet program. In the next step, you recommend products that are available on Amazon to your target group using appropriate links. You will receive compensation for every sale that results. This is usually between 7 and 15 percent.

The earning potential in affiliate marketing varies greatly and depends heavily on how large and active your audience is and how intensively you practice affiliate marketing.

Earn money with Amazon – Option 2: Become an Amazon FBA seller

Another very well-known business opportunity on Amazon is to sell products there yourself. The Amazon FBA program makes things incredibly easy. For example, Amazon takes care of the storage and shipping of your products, and returns are also processed directly via the platform. Also, you can consider Amazon dropshipping. Check Paulsourcing to learn more.

As a seller, you can get started with both wholesale goods and private label products. With the former, the competition is significantly greater, but you don’t have to worry about things like product design or manufacturing yourself. With private label products, you create your own products and your own brand. This is more effort, but it also offers significantly more options and freedom. We have written down for you step by step how to set up your own FBA business in our Amazon FBA instructions.

Earn money with Amazon – Option 3: Sell Amazon Merch

Merch by Amazon is the marketplace giant’s print-on-demand service. In order to make money here on Amazon, creativity is one of the basic requirements. Because here you create your own designs, which are then printed on T-shirts, sweaters and other clothes. Amazon creates the listing for your product itself.

Your potential earnings depend not only on demand but also on the price you choose. There are different prices to choose from for each product, which include a license fee. This license fee per product sold is your income.

Example T-shirt:

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License Fee







Source: Amazon

Earn money with Amazon – Option 4: E-books and books

Creativity is also an advantage for this business idea on Amazon. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) makes it possible to sell your own book without much effort. And both as an e-book and as a printed book. Amazon takes care of both printing and shipping. If you are not a born writer, it is of course also possible to commission an author and purchase the rights to the book.

The text of the book just needs to be uploaded to the KDP platform, the cover created and it is ready for sale. Here too, supply and demand have a major influence on your earning potential.

Make money with Amazon – Option 5: Sell handmade on Amazon

Are you not only creative, but also skilled at craftsmanship? Then you should look into Amazon Handmade. According to Amazon, artisans from over 80 countries offer their homemade products there.

In order to use Handmade, you first need a Seller Central account. The next step is to submit an application to join the handmade community. If this is approved, you can offer your products on the platform. Through the application and audit process, Amazon wants to ensure that only handmade goods are included in the offer. Amazon retains a 12 percent sales fee per sale.

How much money can I make on Amazon?

How much money you can earn on Amazon depends on a variety of factors. Do you want to become an FBA seller with full concentration or sell an e-book on the side? Do you already have your own brand or do you still have no idea which business idea is right for you?
With the right approach and a clear focus, each of the options we mentioned offers the opportunity to earn several thousand euros per month.

Conclusion: Build your own business and become an Amazon seller

Of course, there are numerous other ways to make money on Amazon. For example, you can become an Amazon logistics partner or work directly for Amazon (e.g. in logistics centers). However, the options we have mentioned offer you the best conditions for starting your own online business, which can ideally be scaled up.

Our recommendation is to make money on Amazon as an Amazon FBA seller. Our own experiences as sellers show how easy it is to build a thriving business right from the start. Provided you do it right.

Make Money with Amazon