Rumors: HTC Android Hogging and The New HTC Click

HTC got great sales manufacturing mobile with Windows Mobile, but it seems that this is a picture that will change soon.

HTC already have two mobile phones market with Android, but according to Digitimes, the strategy of HTC is that 30% of phones have on the market before the end of the year come with Android operating system to the detriment of Windows Mobile. In addition this figure would increase to 50% of the catalog of HTC before the end of 2010.

Currently, the mobile 28 that has HTC in the European market, only 3 come with Android Thus, to reach 30% by keeping mobile 28 active, should appear between 5 and 6 new mobile of HTC With Android. It’s a very high figure, so my intuition tells me that they are too many, but will have to see what happens since Digitimes is usually a pretty reliable source.

In addition to predict the emergence of a new phone, supposedly the HTC Click, mid-range of which are unknown yet most features but that they intend to be a model of introduction to smartphones for new users.

It is also rumored that the HTC Click will come with Android and HTC Sense – the new interface of HTC to improve the user experience in Android -, and that will be mounted on Qualcomm Brew Mobile Platform BMP.

Apparently this phone will have touch screen, 3G, and others, but we should not expect it to be the fastest, but simply a mobile phone with Android cheap, because it is assumed that it will be priced at $99 with contract and it appears between September and October of this year.

We hope that it is true that HTC He is preparing a mobile juicy and cheap, although it would also be nice features of the HTC Click they were not too fair.