Rumor: Nexus and Nexus 7.7 on the Way to 5 May

It is not long ago that both Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 came on the market – but now it is reported that there are successors on the way.

It is a “must have” for many of the hardcore Android fans having to have signature headphones from Google as it is Google phones, which gets the latest software versions first.

Just now it is Google Nexus 4 by LG, which is the latest hardware device, but now the rumors that there should already be a new generation of Nexus-smartphone on the way – again with LG, as the hardware manufacturer.

According to the rumors comes Nexus 5 with a 5 inch FullHD display, quad-core Tegra processor 4, 8 or 16 GB of internal memory, 2 GB RAM, 13 megapixel camera, and Android “Key Lime Pie”, which is the expected next generation of Google’s mobile operating system.

The rumors also goes on, that there is a Nexus 7.7 on the road with a 7.7 inch Tegra 4 tablet, which has 8 GB of internal memory, front camera and ordinary camera. The manufacturer behind this is, according to the sources, also the LG.

Nexus and Nexus 5 7.7 expected presented at the annual Google i/o Conference – and will be launched soon after the presentation for a starting price of $299.

Google has not yet neither confirm nor denied these rumors.