Rumor: New Vitamin 60 X 1 All

It begins to rumors that June 19 Vodafone renewed some of its fares and this time thinking the customers who consume less and not as the Planex Relax. And it will also do so in strip afternoon which is where most weakens to compete directly with the rate Orange flat.

With the new method “60 x 1 all vitamin” You can speak for 60 minutes and pay only 1 with any national operator between 18:00 and 8 o’clock. Both the rate of morning and afternoon will be 19 cents/minute and like the current vitamin, will have a minimum monthly consumption of €9.

Yet we would not know the form of pricing this rate, i.e., if it will do so from the first second or from the first minute as the current vitamin 60 x 1. Nor would we know if the benefit of 60 x 1 is applied to the rates of the qtal and a2 vip numbers. On the other hand, current vitamin 60 x 1, happen to be called Vitamin 60 x 1 24 hours.

In comparison with the rate Orange flat, the new Vitamin 60 x 1 all It will be more advantageous if we do less than 67 calls per month or if we are talking about more than 700 minutes per month (which are an average of 23 minutes a day) in the afternoon. During morning hours, rate of Vodafone would be 19 cents per minute against the 21.6 cents per minute of Orange.

We hope that soon we can confirm officially this new fee and any other news. (Thanks Daniel)