Retrospective-How To Wash The Baby’s Clothes!

Moms, how the blog has existed for a long time and you’ve changed your layout a few times, many cool posts are getting behind including always write to me asking for a topic that I have already spoken here. So whenever you have a small space I’m going to put some posts up to date or even a review for those who have not read it. I will separate the posts more applications and every 15 days I publish a retrospective. Today is about how to wash your Clothes!

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One of the questions that arise in more first-time moms is, how to wash the clothes of the newborns wearing jumpsuits featured at intershippingrates.

I’m a bad housewife, you who follow the blog for some time can fix that rarely give tips on how to remove stains, making baby food, clean toys.

But before me quite a lot about Bruna born informed the care with the clothes in the first few months and I washed all of motherhood in her hand.

It’s really hard work, but very important for the baby’s health. Wash the clothes properly and with the right product prevents the baby has respiratory or skin allergies. As a very strong smell or rest of bad product taken from the clothes, you can cause some problems to babies more sensitive.

Baby clothes have to be clean and not smell nice.

So no softeners, bleaches or scented products. Washing powder even though baby versions, also are not indicated because the particles do not go so easy as clothing in liquid version.

Ideally wash only with mild soap or SOAP, which you can find in bar or liquid, and start this process from the 7th month of pregnancy. Because not only are the clothes to wash and Yes, blankets, sheets stand guard, diapers and diapers. So do it in steps and go keeping everything is already clear in drawers previously sanitized with alcohol or plastic bags, envelope type of clothing.

The maternity clothes as most often are of tricot, enjoy the sunny days to wash by hand and let dry naturally. Because it is not good the clothes stay damp on the line for several days.

Also has no problem wash and tumble dry clothes that don’t spoil. Just clean the machine before washing and separate the baby’s clothes from the rest of the House. The American clothes, even the most delicate, resist super good for washing and drying in machines without losing quality or shrink. I did this test on all parts Bruna I brought from USA are intact and were only cleaned the machine. The national outfits lost their color and many have decreased greatly in size.

Some neurotic people with hygiene often do the final rinse with water and alcohol. But it has been proven that when passing the clothes with iron, high temperature can kill fungi and bacteria that have left.

And you, do you have any tips or product that often use in this initial phase of the baby???