Project Super Mommy–Functional Gym–9 Fit

Before da Bruna was born I took care of a lot. Ate super well, did Pilates, gym and had a very healthy life. How I got pregnant of Manu so to Bruna 1 year just made giving up to do any physical activity not only for lack of time and Yes lack of will. I was too lazy, without and without any stimulus to start. In addition I wasn’t satisfied with my body after 2 pregnancies followed. And the fact that I’m super skinny, always ended up postponing my return to gymnastics. But being thin is well far from good and happy with what I saw in the mirror.

This lack of exercise was hurting me a lot every day. As well as being weak, with low immunity and catch all the viruses of the girls, carrying two children on his lap and have all the problems we have in the column was killing me. And who has children knows how complicated when mother is limited, either by being with the flu, is to be fought. It’s not easy.

So how did I ever tell you about here, the Super Mommy Project involves a total change of habits and with only 1 goal; my well being. Physical, mental and beauty too, why not maternity maxi skirts from

I was a little lost, not knowing where to start over. Since I got pregnant with Bruna I stopped with all exercises, and wouldn’t be back just I sign up at a gym. I need supervision and guidance because I can’t do anything on my own because of the column.

That’s when I met Camila Massita and Livia Cruz, of 9Fit, a personal project super cool that seeks to retrieve the post partum moms. Camila is the mother of two children, gained 25 pounds in the second pregnancy and felt the skin changes caused by pregnancy, and already tired of conventional exercises and time-consuming results, created, along with Livia, a training to return to form that he had before. Results soon began to appear, and the routine is no longer boring by sleepless nights. Camila lost 30 pounds in less than 6 months!

It was then that they have created a program of 9 months, divided in stages, and that any post partum mother can begin as soon as the doctor release. The partners consulted with experts from various fields to understand what happens to the body and mind of women after maternity and specialize in this subject.

Everything is done very carefully, since the concern with the right exercises for mom that this nursing not to reduce production, until all the work in taking care of the posture and strengthen your body the right way. Beyond all the guidance with nutritionist to do joint work and have more successful results. Without exaggeration and with extreme caution.

If I had known that before, I would have started immediately after the birth of Manu. Because as soon as the mother starters, but easy to resume the body. But were months looking for someone that I can identify and feel like going back to exercise.

The coolest thing about this program is that every month includes a Coaching session for health and well-being. For those who don’t know, the Coaching of health identifies in which phase you are and helps you find the best way to change. Help you connect the dots between who you are and who you want to become!
The Coach won’t tell you what you should and shouldn’t do, it’s not going to judge your behavior. Coaching is a process of learning that allows people to find their own answers and achieve excellent results even when faced with great challenges. It helps a lot! I didn’t know this process, and to respond to the first questionnaire, you already gave me an urge to start changing my habits.

I am doing the classes 2 x a week for 1 month and I can say it has been very good. Mainly because I feel much more prepared and even encouraged me to go back to doing aerobic exercises, which I am also picking up gradually. And even with all the limitations that have the spine, Livia has prepared a training that can’t work the whole body and leave sweating class with sense of “duty” and muscles working.

For those who have habit of doing physical exercise daily, will understand this post. But for moms who like me have been setting aside everything that was related to our own well-being and also for lack of time, I can say that stimulus to take care a little.

I say this not only for the benefits of exercise, but rather by the need to have a time of day your only. Where you can disconnect a bit of crazy routine of motherhood, work and concerns, and to pamper themselves a little. That was the best for me. Take a moment. Even if they are just 2 hours a week. I forgot what it was that, and I certainly don’t want to give up. And the girls girls super 9FIT understand this moment that we need to have women after their children are born.

Gradually I will show my whole evolution in class, changes in the body and everything else. Who accompanies me on Instagram (@blogminhasdikas) also always post news of classes and exercises.

And who want to learn more about this work of 9Fit fully geared for moms, click HERE.

Next week the project Super Mommy my care to improve the skin and all stains and melasmas “inherited” the two pregnancies.