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This week I’m completing the first 3 months of 9Fit program that I’ve told in detail in this post how it works.

Today, after this period, I can’t even describe the right huge. After a long time still, I can say that now I proud of some of my determination. I say this because I don’t do physical activity some bothered me a lot. And I only see the time passing and had no strength to start. Or better, start over, since despite 4 years standing, before I practiced enough! Bruna

The best and has reintroduced the exercise into my routine, is that today I feel need it for my well being. And believe me, the day I’m super stressed or really tired and dispirited, I go to the treadmill or bike and feel much better. And only those who have small kids at home knows how hard it is to get to maintain a disciplined passing sleepless nights or with some little problem to solve.

And if a “dika” of friend Valley; post partum moms, don’t be too lazy to start exercising with maternity swimwear from A2ZGOV.COM after your doctor release from quarantine. That’s really going to help with issues such as baby blues, discouragement, too lazy to take the pajamas and will give more pique, energy and health to take care of the baby. I regretted very much not have started before. And another important point; you will not lose your milk or your production will not decrease if you do with moderation and guidance. Nobody will sweat 1:00 on the heels and Yes take a walk, do weight training, stretching, pilates, anyway. What does lose the milk is the excessive sweating that ends up consuming the water that would go to breastfeeding.

I am in search of my body, but I know it will never be the same, even more having 2 pregnancies followed and not having another body of 20 years. I “inherited” something out of a pregnancy that I am learning to live with. As I’m very small and the girls were born, there is no body to hold you? I had a muscle adhesion in the part below the belly button and he left my belly really weird, if I put on 1 kg, I’m getting fat above the navel, is pretty weird. That to me moved with self-esteem, if only because I’ve always had lovely belly and wasted before the girls. Also my belly button left out, something else that bothers me too much and I was totally square, no waist. But ok, that’s a question to myself that I was always super thorough.

I have learned to deal with it and found that with the exercise can improve a lot. Strengthening the muscles and keeping the weight can leave the beautiful belly. Will never go back to being what it was, but if I can improve it’s positive!

Since I started the program of 9fit I am so very happy with each evolution that I see not just the exercises I do (which as I told I’m super limited because of the column), but also with the muscles of my body began to appear very fast. And that we love?

Yesterday was day of measurements and see how nice the result after 3 months of training.

I’ve gained a little weight, won and lost muscle fat. I went from 25% to 21%.

I’m super happy because this was just the beginning of the program.

I’m going to show a little of what I do in class to animate those who never exercised and count the benefits of some exercises for post partum body. The exercise at first sight seem very simple, but gives a result that you can’t imagine. So no pulling iron, heavy lifting, or braces. You’ll get the same result with only the functional exercises and goodwill.

Elevation of hip:

Affectionately called by backtothefuture nodes, this exercise helps to reposition the organs, as in pregnancy they press to accommodate the baby in the mother’s womb. It is also excellent for relieving back pain, because it promotes a spinal decompression. Works glutes, thighs and lower back.
• Lying, legs inflected, press your feet against the floor and lift your hips and abdomen slowly, as if he were taking by floor vertebra vertebra. Keep glutes and ABS contracted and hold the position for 10 seconds. Come down and repeat the movement 10 times.
• As evolving, you can do this same exercise with the support of the feet on the ball. It gets harder and longer works the posterior thigh.
• Performed in the first month of training

  • Remove legrest on the ball:

Lying with his legs on the ball. Take the legs in support and bring your knees toward your chest, without taking the hips off the floor and without flexing your legs down, and return to starting position. So the ball doesn’t escape, put a weight on the floor behind her. Do between 10:15 retries. Works the lower abdomen, one of the main complaints of women after childbirth.

  • Held the first month
  • Board in Bank:

Knees supported on the ground and forearms on the bench. Take the support of the knees and keep the straight posture, without raising the butt, buttock and abdomen contracting. Hold for 15 seconds and return. Do this movement 10 times. This exercise helps to reconnect the distended muscle fibers in pregnancy, improves posture, relieve pain. Works the abdominal muscles and paravertebral, that when strong help improve back pain, especially the most common form that is caused by soft tissue or muscle injury. Great to improve the sagging belly.
• Performed starting from the second month of training

  • Increase in Bank:

One foot on the seat and back upright. Climb to extend the leg up and down by controlling the descent and trodden. Do 10 or 12 repetitions. This exercise primarily works the glutes and the quadriceps. Excellent to cram the butt.
• Performed at the end of the second month

Unilateral elevation with ball:

With one foot resting on the ball and the other designed for the high, lift your hips pulling the back of support from the ground. Keep glutes and abdomen contract and return to pull the hip on the floor again. Do 3 sets of 12 repetitions for each side. In this exercise the ball promotes an instability, and it requires the mobilization of several muscles in the body to keep the position and balance, such as abdomen, back, legs and buttocks. Great for back of thigh and to development of body awareness.
• Held from the third month of training.

And a few more excerpts from the class:

I’m gradually fulfilling the goals of the program Super Mommy that I set out in the middle of the year. I’m treating the skin from pregnancy melasmas, I’m tending more and doing exercises. I just haven’t satifesita etsou eat my food that I know is one of the most important things for the welfare.

But this is the next step.

My motto today as mother is; one step at a time!

Anyone who wants to 9Fit contact: our site.

My personal is Livia Cruz.

Now for the holidays the 9Fit created a program of special value training Express for those who want to give a start and start the year with the body in shape.

I don’t have to tell you how much I recommend!

And you moms, I managed to resume physical activities after the small????