Posterous Pages and Earn “About Me”

Today, the main platform for blog publishing is WordPress. Be online and free version is the installable version of the server itself (which we use in TB) is one of the best options for those who are beginning to publish things on the web. On a smaller scale, Posterous is gaining fans thanks to the forms that provides for publishing posts. The register on the site can be done with a simple e-mail, as well as updates.

To further improve the service, Posterous has announced the implementation of two new features. Starting with the pages that previously did not exist. With them, you can publish content that deserve different treatment from that given to other posts.

But the “about me” gives the chance to officially publish a biography (or whatever form the user to use to define the network), which is available to all readers and creates a way to make clear what the credentials that people who are writing (or non-credentials, you never know …).