Popcorn Time: iPad Pro, Apple TV and iPhone 6S According to Apple Itself

Apple presents the best in their new devices: iPhone, iPad Pro and the 6S new Apple TV.

Apple has a special flair for presenting their news. Head designer Jonathan Ives characteristic butter voice form lydkulissen, while Apple’s nylanceringer is presented on a pearl white background.

It is delicious and well produced, with a hint of even obesity, but worth a look at, if you’re curious to see Apple’s newest features in action.

Therefore, the popcorn ready, and sea view with including, when Apple shows the goods forward.

iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

Apple’s two new stars are introduced first in a flurry of advertising and is followed by a Visual walkthrough of iPhone 6s ‘ new features like 3D-Touch and the new 12MP camera with live photos.

Apple iPad Pro

Megatablet, the recently launched iPad Pro gets a pompous, Visual nice intro movie and is followed by a review of Pro’ens basic features.¬†Eventually becomes Apple’s pen, Pencil, dubbed reviewed on best Apple style.

The new Apple TV

Last commercials takes the company’s new media center, Apple TV, and shows the news in the small box to the home to happy rhythms.