Phuket Beaches, Thailand

Phuket Beaches, Thailand


Phuket stretches from north to south and therefore the beaches are located on the western and eastern sides of the island. In the high season, on both sides of the island, the weather is equally good for swimming. In the low season, from June to mid-October, the west wind prevails on the island. Because on the western beaches there are often waves. This allows you to surf or just jump in the waves. Although it can cause some inconvenience to couples who are expecting a baby, or families with small children. In this case, it is better to look for a hotel or apartment on the eastern, wind-protected and then calmer side of the island, or in the very south, near Nai Harn beach.

Mai Khao beach located in the very north. It is deserted and wild. There are no large hotels or apartments nearby. Earlier, before the 2004 tsunami, turtles laid their eggs on this and the neighboring beach. Now turtles still do not appear on Nai Yang Beach, but there are not so many of them on Mai Khao, but they began to return here to give birth to offspring. The nature on this beach is striking in its beauty, here you will find silence and solitude. You will have to pay for this by the lack of shops, many cafes and restaurants. And the main centers of Phuket are far from here to get.

Nai Yang beach
During the 2004 tsunami, this beach and all the buildings were badly damaged. And until now this place remains not so populated. There are several hotels here. Cafes and restaurants are mainly located on their territory or nearby. There are not many tourists on the beach itself. Mostly Thais come here. This is a calm, quiet place, located away from the tourist bustle. Very beautiful trees grow along the beach with interesting, as if flying trunks. A great place for solitude, although you will have to take a taxi to shops or for souvenirs. The airport is located not far from this beach. Because often here you can see huge liners,

Nai Thon is a small, sandy beach. There are a little more people and vacationers than on neighboring beaches (Nai Yang and Bang Tao). But still, the place is more secluded and quiet than the beaches of Patong and Karon. There is a promenade along the beach. And on the beach itself you can find many Thai restaurants where you can taste fragrant Thai dishes. One of them serves excellent fried rice with pineapple and cashew nuts. All three beaches, Mai Khao, Nai Yang and Nai Thon, are included in the Sirinat National Park, therefore they are distinguished by quite beautiful nature around. It is not far from here to another national park, Khao Phra Theo. Also not far from these beaches, in the north of the island, there is an Aquapark.

Bang Tao beach one of the most beautiful beaches in Phuket. And possibly one of the longest. It’s always calm here. There are almost no tourists. But the locals like to come here for picnics. But Thais mostly sit in the shade of trees, surrounded by many foods. They rarely bathe. There are very few hotels nearby. Therefore, even in the high season, the beach remains empty. What will pleasantly surprise those who seek quiet rest and solitude. Although the centers “with life in full swing” will have to be reached by transport and this will take time.

Kamala and Surin beaches
Two small beaches. Around there are restaurants and cafes, not large and not numerous. Since the locals almost do not live here. That’s why there aren’t many shops here. And there are no special entertainments here. Quiet place. But from Kamala and Surin it is much closer to get to the shopping centers of Junkseylon and Central Festival than from the northern beaches. And the beaches of Patong, Karon and Kata are also not very far away. The road may take a little time, because you will have to get out along the serpentine through the hills.

Patong Beach Patong – this is an area of ​​​​eternal hangouts, an area that never sleeps. Here are the main nightclubs, a wide variety of bars and of course the famous Bangla Road – a street with cabaret, strip bars. If you want a constant party around, then you are here. During the high season the beach will be full. Sun loungers stand in 4-6 rows.

Karon and Kata beaches
According to Ehangzhou, these beaches are quite popular with tourists. There are many hotels, cafes, restaurants, shops and agencies. Thais working and living here have become more mercantile than their compatriots from other areas. But it’s clear why. Most of the Thai food sold here is Westernized and won’t be too hot and spicy. By ten o’clock in the evening, Karon and Kata calm down and go to bed. Bars and cafes work only in a couple of places on the beach. Quite a convenient place to relax with children, as there is a little bit of everything around. But it can be crowded and too touristy place. It is also worth remembering the features of Kata Beach. The fact is that there are two large hotels on the first line. And the wall of these hotels will not let you go directly to the beach, you will have to bypass it. So you should get acquainted with the map of the area when choosing a hotel. From these three beaches you can easily get to all the main attractions of the island, shopping centers and Phuket Town itself.

Kata Noi Beach smaller than Kata. This is a neat beach with a sandy bottom. There are many hotels and apartments around. This is not a wild beach, but not as crowded as its neighbors. In addition, Kata and Karon are almost within walking distance. A very beautiful place to watch sunsets. Nai Harn beach. This beach is located in the very south of the island. A long strip of sand connects the two headlands. There are a couple of large and many small hotels, guesthouses. But most often people prefer to rent a bungalow or a villa (house) in this area. This is a fairly quiet area, but at the same time there are cozy restaurants with European and real Thai food, cafes, bars. So you can get out somewhere, even when you don’t want to go. And close to the main attractions. The only thing is that it will take about an hour to get to the parks in the north. In addition, Nai Harn is convenient for those who do not drive a scooter or other shopping center, who want a relaxing holiday, but with civilization at hand. Since the main shops and cafes, as well as the beach, can be reached on foot. A distinctive feature of Nai Harn is the presence of a “paddling pool” on it – a small reservoir that connects the sea and the artificial lagoon. In the presence of waves in this reservoir, those who do not like the wave and spray can swim.

Ya Nui Beach is located near Nai Harn, in the southeast of the island. This is a small, cozy beach with a beautiful view. In some places, when entering the water, pebbles come across. But here you can swim with a snorkel and a mask, see beautiful reef fish and starfish. If desired, you can quickly get to Nai Harn. Also in the area there are cafes and restaurants with a variety of cuisines. Not far from this beach there are two very beautiful viewing platforms and a small market where you can buy souvenirs and cute trinkets. For those who do not drive a scooter, the hills that you have to go through to get to Nai Harn can deliver some inconvenience.

Rawai and Chalong beaches
Swimming is not very good on these two beaches. Why? Because of the number of boats. And it’s not very pleasant to climb into the water, where a boat is “parked” at every meter. From Rawai, day trips on speedboats often leave. Also here you can easily rent a longtail (a wooden boat with a motor) for trips to nearby islands. Chalong has one of the main piers. Excursions go out from it, as well as dive boats.

Cape Panwa – a small “offspring” on the island of Phuket. Several hotels, a port and an aquarium are located in the area. The beaches on Cape Panwa are distinguished by the absence of waves in the low season, so they are perfect for vacationers with small children. It should only be remembered that on these beaches the bottom is partially rocky. This is especially noticeable in the afternoon, when the tide begins to ebb and part of the bottom opens up. Then you don’t buy much here. Most of the hotels are located in small coves and are isolated from the settlement. Therefore, you will have to get to the store by transport. Near the hotels there are usually small restaurants offering Thai food. Cape Panwa is a fairly quiet place, calm, but a bit out of the way. Although the Aquarium, where children go with pleasure, is not far.

Phuket Beaches, Thailand