Pepephone Eliminates The Possibility of Exchanging Consumption Per Free Flights to New Customers

After the lethargy, the awakening of Pepephone has already left us with an improvement in the data rate and another in the rate of voice but now it brings bad news to report that It ceases to apply “Speaks and fly”, the discount program of Pepephone allowing Exchange consumption in telephony for Globalia air travel.

The reason is that to be able to keep pace in reducing rates in keeping with the demands of a market without affecting affected basic principles how to maintain quality in the attention customer or apply stays which have opted to eliminate something that have always been in the background: gifts of flight tickets.

At least is that unlike what other operators we are accustomed, maintaining the conditions for existing customers and it only eliminates exchange consumption for flights to new hires starting May 1.

Far seen as a negative point to consider too, new forms of Pepephone made that it be considered an operator able to demonstrate that well explained things are less bad. It is just another example of what users expect from a phone operator.