Panties X Stretch Marks

Hi girls, sequel, how was your weekend?
Well, I remembered this and decided to make a post about it: Panties x grooves, Yes, panties all, or most of us, uses, and the “maledetas” grooves, all, or most women have!
That anger!

But the funny thing is that not all know about, among many factors, can be in panties that you use! Do you?!?!That’s that! And I’m proof of that. When I was a kid, I’d love to wear those shorts type panties (good, child underwear) with that elático “duck-billed” (one who does ripple), tiny, tight, well hated wide panties was bothering (not to say “entering”), ahh, child.
Dai came to adolescence and I there, using this type still… And when I saw, I was born the “blessed” stretch marks!!! That hatred.

So I say: Moms on call, get those panties of their daughters as soon as possible. In the growth phase they just get in the way, especially if the child has a tendency to be chubby. But let my comment and go to a more technical at all. Lol…

According to the website of Caprice:

Stretch marks are a result of the breakup of the elastic fibers of the skin. Imagine a rubber band. Stretch that rubber band beyond your ability. Have you noticed that in these circumstances the elastic back to place a little loose, with some parts a little broken. It’s more or less what happens with our skin.

These fibers usually break in adolescence with cheap mini skirts, when we grow too much and once, during pregnancy or in people who very fattening. But any sudden movements, activities that require a lot of stretching of the skin and clothes too tight can also collaborate to this stretching of the skin, favouring the appearance of stretch marks.

But all depends a lot on your skin type, your genetic heritage mostly: sagging or very tough strands break more easily.

To avoid (not always possible), it is advisable to keep the skin well moisturised (dry elastic spoils more easily, right?), drinking plenty of water and using good moisturizers.

And the best thing is to prevent because, once they are there, it’s pretty tough to treat. There are some treatments such as application or dermoabrasões acids, which seek to increase the production of collagen in place of mark, but, in addition to being expensive, they only disguise, never end up with the problem.

Oh, and this latest information is true, because I’ve done treatment for stretch marks and it’s no use, they don’t go away, only 20% thing boredom!

But back to panties, you can’t use this play too tight, girls, it’s no use if you don’t like it, if you prefer small, if you refuse to buy more… It’s no use!! No hitting! Buy that stay comfortable life and nothing pressing, do not insist, because you will be hurting and very!!!

Always prefer those finer elastics (for n s, is called bias). Without the “ripples”.

But of course, the elastic waves, need not necessarily, be banished from the face of the Earth. But use a size that get mega comfortable, and, preferably, reveze his pieces for softer rubber bands, okay?!

Masssss, if you’re like me, you already have stretch marks, and now it’s gone, just avoid that appear more … So, Let’s enjoy life and not be concerned with that. Ah, if all of life were problem stretch marks.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post! Any exchange of experience? Send it to us!