Pahala, Hawaii

Pahala, Hawaii Population, Schools and Places of Interest

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Pahala, Hawaii is a small town located on the Big Island of Hawaii. It is bordered by several other cities and towns, each offering their own unique attractions and experiences.

To the east of Pahala lies Naalehu, a charming village with a rich history and culture. Visitors can explore its quaint downtown area filled with shops, restaurants, and galleries showcasing local artisans. There are also plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy such as hiking in nearby Punalu’u Beach Park or visiting Ka Lae Point for some stunning views of the ocean.

To the south of Pahala lies Hawaiian Ocean View Estates which is home to many farms and ranches where visitors can learn about sustainable agriculture and get a taste of fresh local produce. The area also features several beaches such as Kealakekua Bay where visitors can go snorkeling or whale watching in the waters off its shoreline.

Further inland lies Kona which offers plenty of opportunities for exploration including historical sites like Mookini Heiau National Historic Site, museums such as Hulihee Palace Museum and an array of shops, restaurants, and nightlife venues along Ali’i Drive.

To the west lies Captain Cook which is a popular destination for those looking to explore its beautiful coastline or take part in some outdoor activities such as horseback riding or golfing at Makalei Golf Club. The area also features several popular attractions including Puuhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park which offers visitors an insight into Hawaiian culture through its petroglyphs and archaeological sites.

Finally, to the north lies Waimea which is home to some stunning natural attractions including Waipio Valley Lookout offering breathtaking views from atop its cliffs overlooking the valley below. Visitors can also explore Parker Ranch which features horseback riding trails and cultural tours highlighting Hawaiian cowboy traditions.

Overall, Pahala is bordered by a variety of cities and towns each offering their own unique attractions that make it an ideal place to visit while exploring this beautiful corner of Hawaii.

Pahala, Hawaii

Population of Pahala, Hawaii

Pahala, Hawaii is a small rural community located on the Big Island of Hawaii. The population of Pahala was 1,739 as of 2020. It is a quiet area filled with lush green fields, rolling hills, and beautiful beaches.

The majority of Pahala’s residents are of Native Hawaiian descent. The second largest ethnicity in Pahala is Filipino, followed by Japanese and mixed race. Many families have lived in Pahala for generations and there is a strong sense of community among its inhabitants.

The people of Pahala are friendly and welcoming to visitors. They are proud to share their culture with others who wish to learn more about it. There are several cultural activities and events held throughout the year such as the annual Ho’olaule’a festival which celebrates Hawaiian culture through music and dance performances, art exhibits, and traditional games.

Pahala also has a thriving agricultural industry which provides employment for many local residents. Many farmers grow coffee beans, macadamia nuts, papaya, avocado and other local produce for sale at local markets or for export to other parts of Hawaii or abroad.

In addition to its agricultural industry, Pahala also has many recreational activities available for visitors to enjoy including horseback riding trails at Parker Ranch or swimming at Punalu’u Beach Park where visitors can spot sea turtles basking in the sun. There are also many local shops offering handmade crafts such as quilts and jewelry or traditional snacks like poi (Hawaiian taro root).

Overall, Pahala is a small but vibrant community that offers visitors an authentic Hawaiian experience filled with friendly locals, beautiful scenery and plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy.

Schools and Education of Pahala, Hawaii

According to, Pahala, Hawaii is served by the Hawaii Department of Education and has a number of schools and educational opportunities available to its residents. The Pahala Elementary School serves students from kindergarten through sixth grade. It is a small school with an enrollment of around 300 students and offers a variety of programs including special education, advanced placement classes, and after school activities.

The Ka’u High School & Pahala Elementary School Complex serves students from seventh grade to twelfth grade. It is the only high school in the area and provides a comprehensive education for its students. The school offers advanced placement classes, honors classes, as well as career and technical education courses such as automotive technology, culinary arts, and health sciences.

In addition to public schools in Pahala, there are also several private schools available in the area including the Kona International Christian Academy which offers preschool through twelfth grade instruction from a Biblical worldview; Ka’u Learning Center which provides alternative education for homeschooled students; and Waimea Country School which provides Montessori-based education for preschoolers through eighth graders.

Higher Education opportunities in Pahala are limited but include the University of Hawaii-Hilo campus located about an hour away in Hilo. The University of Hawaii-Hilo offers undergraduate degrees in many fields including business administration, engineering, nursing, psychology, sociology and more.

Overall, Pahala has many educational options available for its residents ranging from elementary through higher education institutions providing opportunities to learn something new or further one’s existing knowledge base.

Landmarks in Pahala, Hawaii

According to DIRECTORYAAH, Pahala, Hawaii is home to a variety of landmarks and attractions that make it a great place to visit. One of the most popular attractions in Pahala is the Pahala Plantation House, which was built in 1903. The house was originally owned by the Kekaha Sugar Company and is now open for tours. Visitors can learn about the history of sugar cane production in Pahala and take a look at some of the original furniture.

Another popular landmark in Pahala is the Kuamo’o Battlefield State Monument, which commemorates a battle between Hawaiian forces and American troops in 1819. The monument includes historical markers, interpretive signs, and walking trails that allow visitors to explore the site.

The Mauna Loa Observatory is another landmark located near Pahala that is worth visiting. This observatory provides scientists with valuable data on climate change and air quality as well as monitoring volcanic activity on nearby Mauna Loa volcano. Visitors can take a tour of the observatory or just admire its unique architecture from afar.

The Ka’u Coffee Mill is also located near Pahala and offers visitors a unique glimpse into the world of coffee production in Hawaii. The mill offers tours where guests can learn about coffee processing techniques as well as sample some of their freshly roasted beans from around Hawaii.

Finally, no visit to Pahala would be complete without visiting Ka’u Coffee Farm Park, which showcases over 100 years of coffee farming history in Hawaii through interactive exhibits, historic buildings, and walking trails. Visitors can learn more about how coffee has been grown here since 1873 while admiring its lush surroundings.