NVIDIA Shows The Potential of Your Project Kal – El, Known as Tegra 3, in a Video Demo

NVIDIA is putting much meat on the spit of mobile processors, and is that it is getting a the development of the Tegra platform speed It must have scared the competition. In addition, shows progress in each marketing event that is presented, and Computex 2011 could not miss on the agenda of the company of Taiwan.

Today, the platform Tegra 2 has become almost a standard de-facto in the tablets and Android smartphones, while aunque otros others opt for their own platforms as Samsung with Exynos. Thus, with the market already locked up, it’s the turn to Tegra 3, which at the moment is being internally known as Project Kal – el, and which met at the Mobile World Congress 2011 details.

The demonstration that made Nvidia’s Kal – the It is focused on showing the power in the management of dynamic lights and effects, showing Glow Ball on a development platform of the new hardware, with Honeycomb and a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. Although Nvidia says that at the time of its marketing platform will be a 30% faster, the current solvency in the following video we can see:

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This new development from Nvidia will be based in ARM Cortex A9, like the current platforms that mounted the majority of phones and tablets of high end of the market. However, this time to be mounted Quad-core and 1 MB of L2 cache memory, NEON support and a new 12 cores GPU.

NVIDIA says that Kal – the will be available for sale in the last quarter of 2011, more specifically for next Christmas, with Android as the main market. Possibly later, in the coming weeks, return to show new capabilities and announced the end of development, which It would mark the date in which manufacturers could dispose of it to design to your around. What bring will you this new and fierce struggle for Android hardware?