Now You Can Send DM on Twitter Even for Those Who Do Not Follow You

If you use Twitter regularly, you know that the service gain functionality with some frequency. The most recent was made​​ official on Monday (20): the social network now allows sending direct messages (DMs) to any users, including those who do not follow you (and vice versa).

Until then, users could only send DMs to his followers. For this reason, it was never difficult to find people following other accounts temporarily only to receive private information. This mainly happens with company profiles.

The new operating mode should end up with this problem, but not only: it is possible that flexibility in relation to DMs encourage the use of the tool as an option for instant messaging. Twitter signaled its intention earlier this year when it began to allow DMs in groups of up to 20 people.

On the one hand this “total freedom” regarding the DMs promises to improve communication within the social network, on the other, should cause trouble. Some users, especially the most popular, can end up being “bombarded” with private messages. There is also the risk of spam received.

These issues concern you? If so, do not panic: you will only receive direct messages from any user to enable this function in the privacy and security settings for your account (this is the last item of the page). In other words, the functionality was implemented today (20), but is disabled by default. Wise decision, Twitter.

If you enter in the settings and you do not see that option, just wait a bit. The feature is being implemented gradually (including within apps for iOS and Android Twitter), so some users do not yet have it.

If you got the impression that he had seen this function before, know that it is not mistaken. Twitter began testing the unrestricted sending DMs in October 2013, but removed the option weeks later. However, a few members remained with the feature enabled.