Nokia Lays off 300 It Pros and Outsource to India

In an attempt to streamline its IT operations will Nokia guys 300 and outsource 820 posts to India.

When Nokia’s full quarterly accounts for the fourth quarter of 2013 is available the 24. January, expected a result better than expected. It is partly due to a good Christmas-sale of Nokia Lumia phones.

In total, Nokia sold more than 14 million Asha and Lumia phones, but despite the good prospects the Finnish company continues its cuts, in an effort to streamline the organization.

Now the IT folks for the shot, and Nokia will fire 300 IT pros and outsource 820 posts for their Indian partner HCL Technologies and TATA Consultancy.

With this manoeuvre believe Nokia that they can increase efficiency and reduce costs, writes our site.

In June 2012 announced Nokia that they intended to dismiss 10,000 persons by the end of 2013.

The cuts are according to Nokia boss Stephen Elop, a consequence of the intentions to ensure the long-term competitiveness of Nokia.