Nexus 4 Are Taken from the Shelves in the United States

Life is over for Nexus 4, account has been taken of the shelves in the United States.

Google and LG’s joint project phone Nexus 4 is removed from store shelves in the United States, writes our site.

The phone also had to be taken out of varelageren on Google Play Large, and allegedly, Google has no plans to stock the device again.

Nexus 4 has thus reached the people in the industry call “end of life”.

At the end of august reduced the price by 100 dollars, but Google is now closed for orders. Nexus 4 sold still in only a few other countries, which probably should be seen as that sold out the remaining inventory.

It is expected that LG and Google launches sequel Nexus 5 in the second half of the month of October. Nexus 5 should be based on LG’s new flagship model G2.