[Mw] Beauty #Day1 Combo

This 20th Edition of the Minas Trend has a very special taste. And it seems that everyone is in this celebratory vibe, you know? On the first day of fashion shows of our favorite fashion week saw several interesting ideas, and it is not just the looks. The beauty that adorned the productions also had a special touch. Richard Deacon’s veteran here and again sign the beauty of all the fashion shows.

[Mw] Beauty #Day1 Combo

Natalia Person is a sweetheart. The label went through a phase of change of name (ex-Faven) with maturity and presented a coherent and beautiful parade. The proposal to invest only in monochrome was audacious, but looks perfect for the summer! The beauty artist invested in order to keep the models with a clean look, but also in keeping with the tone of each look. A trace fino outlined unfilled gave outline the eyes. Red, white, blue, lime green and black arremataram the look with a modern touch.

Beauty 2

The Ellus is not a mining tag, but it proves the Minas Trend is an important showcase for it integrates novamemte the line-up of fashion week.With your known footprint rocker, seen much leather and attitude-filled productions on the catwalk. The focus is on beauty with eyes blur black shadow just below the eyes, while other models had a vibrant red lipstick on my lips. The trick to win “podrinhos”: make two Coke high well twisted!Ricardo dos Anjos let the coke minutes before the parade and undid the curls with your hands.

Beauty 1

The Anne Est Follle arrived with an explosion of colors for the beauty tips. And the beauty of the parade mixed several interesting references.Starting with the hair, which looked like a sculpture. Three built-in braids made just in the center of the head, like a Mohawk, gave structure and height to your hair. At the end, rings were caught between the wires, as piercings. Already make arrived with oriental inspiration. A black elongated stroke made the end of eyes gave the impression of a Japanese brush stroke; and to finish off, red crystals were pasted on his face, to score the outline of the face of a differentiated way. We enjoyed this irreverence, have you?

Beauty 3

The Plural you know different universes, such as the permeate past and the future. Have more about the parade here and also more about the innovative bet of the label to develop 3D parts. Really this is a memorable season for the brand. In terms of beauty, this is perhaps the more showy than those already presented. Always demure when it comes to makeup, this time the brightness was allowed. Ricardo dos Anjos bet on sparkling eyelids. A soft pink shade with gloss was applied throughout the mobile eyelid. The result was delicate and is a reference that can go to the streets.