MP5 C5000 Dual SIM Cell Phone

Find out all about MP15 C5000Dual Chip WiFi TV & TV. Almost all MPxx handsets are dual-chip, and this is one of the key features responsible for making this type of phone be sold in addition to the price, of course.

MP5 C5000 Dual SIM Cell Phone

In any case the phones of alternative brands have one thing in common: they have characteristics of smartphones at more affordable prices. The quality of these items is not always the same, but this is not always a problem for the niche market it serves.

But will these MP15 phones have anything different to offer? Does the C5000 outline its differential characteristics to its competitors?

MP5 C5000 cell phone specifications

Among the main features of the MP5 C5000 are:

Wifi network

Java 2.0 support for application installation

Analog TV reception

Possibility to use 2 chips at the same time

Expandable memory up to 16GBM

“Shake Control” to change music


Dual SIM (dual chip)

Audio and video recorder

Webcam function

3.2 inch screen

FM radio

From what can be seen is a very complete device and the battery lasts for 3 to 5 hours in conversation.

When buying a cell phone ling ling , you must remember that you are not buying quality. Xing lings are just good gadgets when used for emergencies, such as when your cell phone is stolen. Otherwise, the device will spoil very quickly, because the parts used are of very low quality.

And then? Pretty handsome, is not it? Do you have or have you ever had a Mobile Phone MP5 C5000 ? Share your experience with him below!