Mozilla Says Firefox Reached 30% Market Share

In a report released yesterday, Mozilla claims that its flagship browser, Firefox reached 30% share of branded world, behind only the browser from Microsoft, Internet Explorer. This was a significant jump from the 25% share recorded in November last year.

The percentage, however, varies greatly when usage statistics are separated by continent. In Europe, the browser is used by 39% of the population with internet access. In the Asia, Oceania and Africa the numbers are only 26, 28 and 29%, respectively. In North America and South America, the browser has 26 to 31% share.

Most Firefox growth rate was perceived in Russia, a country where the browser has come to grow 20% over the previous year. Already the country with the highest percentage of use is Indonesia, with 60%. In the Antarctic continent that number jumps to 80%, which indicates that 80 of the 100 researchers or scientists who are always studying the region know that Internet Explorer does not provide.

The data were calculated by Mozilla based on the average of four different companies statistics: StatCounter, Quantcast, Net Applications and Gemius. The full report can be downloaded from this link (PDF).