Mississippi Overview

Mississippi Overview

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According to ebizdir, Mississippi is located on the river of the same name in the southern United States. The stretch of coast to the Gulf of Mexico is relatively short and has neither tourism nor economic significance. The slightly hilly, wide landscape is typical for the USA and arouses the feeling of freedom at first sight.

The state of Mississippi is rather rural and has been home to numerous well-known musicians. In many regions you can find beautiful architecture (including older churches from different epochs) that you should look at. Those who want to see the bigger cities in Mississippi should visit Gulfport and Jackson to visit. There are many ways to spend an enjoyable day here, either shopping or seeing the local attractions.

Both scenic and cultural, Mississippi offers a number of vacation options, not least the Mississippi River, which is where life in the state revolves. You should also check out the farms in Mississippi. Visitors get a very good picture of rural America there.

Mississippi – key data

Land area: 125,443 sq km (32nd place of all US states)

Share of water surface: 3%

Population: 2.94 million people (2008 estimate, 31st place in all states in the USA)

Population density: 23 residents per square kilometer (32nd place of all states in the USA)

Member of the United States since: December 10, 1817

Capital city: Jackson (176,614 residents, 2006 estimate, metropolitan area 537,285 residents, 2008 estimate)

Largest city: Jackson

Highest point: 246 m, Woodall Mountain

Lowest point: 0 m, Gulf of Mexico

Governor: Haley Barbour (Republican)

Lieut. Governor: Phil Bryant (Republican)

Local time: CET -7 h. From the second Sunday in March to the first Sunday in November: CET -6 h.
The time difference to Central Europe is -7 h in both winter and summer.

Postal abbreviation: MS

Mississippi Geography and Map

The state of Mississippi is located in the southern United States and contributes due to its state symbol, the magnolia tree, nicknamed Magnolia State – Magnolia State. Its capital is the commercial and industrial center of Jackson. The name Mississippi is said to be derived from the Ojibwe language and means something like “Great River”.

Mississippi covers a total of approximately 125,443 square kilometers and borders Tennessee to the north. The eastern neighbor is Alabama. In the south lies the Gulf of Mexico. Mississippi is bordered by Louisiana to the southwest and west. In the northwest, the state is made up of Arkansaslimited. Almost the entire western border is determined by the course of the Mississippi.
The state of Mississippi is on average 91 meters above sea level. The highest point is Woodall Mountain at 246 meters. Mississippi’s lowest point is at sea level on the Gulf of Mexico.

The state’s most important river is the Mississippi River. The river, which is around 3,778 kilometers long, is one of the longest rivers on earth. It rises in northern Minnesota – in Lake Itaska – and flows south of New Orleans into the Gulf of Mexico. Its delta is one of the largest estuaries in the United States. The Mississippi crosses ten states on its way to the sea: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Arkansas, Tennessee and of course Mississippi and thus extends over almost the entire north-south extension of the USA.
Other major rivers of Mississippi are the Big Black River, the Pearl River, and the Yazoo, the Pascagoula and the Tombigbee. The state also has several larger lakes, including Lake Granada, Lake Sardis, and Arkabutla, and the Ross Barnett Reservoi r.

Geographically, Mississippi is essentially the basin of the Mississippi Rive r and the delta on the Gulf of Mexic o. The Mississippi Delta includes the Mississippi Bay and the entire lower reaches of the Mississippi River from southern Illinois to the mouth of the river and covers an area of ​​more than 28,000 square kilometers. Counties in Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana belong to the very fertile Delta Plain. Apart from the Mississippi Delta, the state is heavily foreste d.
The northeas t Mississippi is hill y and dominated by the foothills of the Cumberland Mountain s, part of the Appalachian Mountains.

Mississippi Landmarks

Mississippi is one of the states of the United States that is definitely not to be missed, as the state has a large number of different sights and attractions to offer.

So you should z. Make sure to check out the Zion Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church in Natechez, for example. The African American church was built in 1858.
The B’nal Israel Temple is located in the same city. It was built in 1843 and is Mississippi’s oldest synagogue. St. Paul’s Episcopal Curch is also one of the oldest sacred buildings in the American state. It was built in 1824.
But the stone church “Christ Episcopal Church”, built in 1857, should not be missed either.

The New State Capitol is also worth seeing. Today it is the seat of parliament. The building was built with a 2.5 meter high gilded eagle sitting on the roof in 1903. The architectural style was the French Baux Arts style.

You can learn about Mississippi’s major industries, agriculture, as well as logging, at the Mississippi Agriculture, Forestry and National Agricultural Aviation Museum.

In the Vicksburg National Military Park, which was created in 1899, there are numerous battlefields from the American Civil War, as well as various monuments, dams, busts and memorials to see.

The historic “Governor’s Mansion” building from 1842 should also be seen. The building, built in the Greek Revival style, is now the seat of government of the governor of Mississippi. But don’t forget Rowan Oak in Oxford. The building was built in the same architectural style as Govenor’s Mansion and was the residence of the famous American personality William Faulkner for thirty years.

Mississippi has some natural beauties to offer. There is Devil’s Backbone, for example. This is an old Indian trade route. The path has a length of more than seven hundred kilometers.

The Cypress Swam Trail near Jackson is also worth seeing. The Cypress Swam Trail is a laid out wooden walkway of over a kilometer that is raised on wooden stakes. It was increased because the path leads through a swamp area.

The Clark Creek Natural Ara and the Canemount Plantation should also be seen.

Mississippi Overview