Microsoft Releases SkyDrive for Xbox 360 with Kinect Support

Microsoft today released a SkyDrive app for Xbox 360. Before you think the application will allow direct editing of documents on the console, it is good lose hope yet. The program will focus on the same multimedia experience that a console connected to a TV can provide. And even has integration with Kinect for voice control.

The application, which is free, allows the user to open photo files, videos and music in your SkyDrive account so that they are shown on TV. You can also automatically share photos taken with a mobile phone running Windows Phone 8 and there is even an option called “Party slide show” that shows random images from a folder on service with animations.

The video below shows a demonstration of the application.

(Video on YouTube)

Although the image shows the category “All files” is not yet clear whether Microsoft plans to allow viewing of Excel spreadsheets, Word documents or presentations Power Point by the application. And it would only make sense even to support presentations, as view documents or spreadsheets stretched on a TV does not seem to be an experience of the best.

According to this post on the Microsoft blog, SkyDrive for Xbox 360 is available today and will be free. To download simply navigate to application option and search for it in the “Social” category.

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