Meet The Eight Developers Who Have Triumphed in Android

The market for mobile applications is very succulent. Just have to see the large number of applications that exist in the Market trying to put a dent in our Androids and, as not, make a profit. Either through direct sale or integrated advertising.

This market It is not easy, and less on Android where sometimes the applications do not work on all devices: either by software or hardware. However No one has said that it is impossible, they are few but, according to data from Androlib, there are at least eight developers who have managed to succeed by all large. Let’s see who are.

Better Android Apps

Responsible for Open Home (2.83 euros) and Better Keyboard (2.12 euros) have managed to sell two applications, 553.329 copies According to Androlib. A not inconsiderable figure that has been reported 1.34 million dollars in gross income (with the percentage which is already discounted Google).

These data, which personally I think impressive, correspond just two applications. Better Android Apps has a few more, pay as free with ads, published in the Market.

Lupis Labs

Robo Defense (2.12 euros), one reissue of the broken Tower Defense concept, was one of the first games that came out for Android. While time has passed that you have not to follow in the foot of the Canyon as it shows sales number: 996.567 According to AndroLib. Which adds a total of 2.09 million dollars in gross income.

LevelUp Studio

Sure many of you already know Beautiful Widgets (1.99 euros), one of the best accessories from desk to show the time, weather and the weather forecast for the week. Its success has well earned to get 934.774 dollars benefit by 480.357 sales.

Halfbrick Studios

A few days ago as we spoke of Fruit Ninja (0.87 euros), an application which in its day had much success in iOS and now moving to Android has achieved results really good also. 242.617 dollars in gross income for 286.443 sales.


Emulation of video games continues to have much pull, while virtual controls often do not accompany it. Yonghz, the creator of Genesoid, Snesoid, Gameboid among others has managed to get by 2.67 million discharges 1.8 million dollars in revenue. There is nothing.


This list could not miss the authors of Angry Birds. Although the game is free in the Android Market that has not prevented the Finns are making money with their angry birds. Already in December the developers claimed that on Android, they were gaining only $ 1 million per month on concept of advertising.

Arron the

But not only Rovio has triumphed with embedded advertising model. Arron, Advanced Task Manager responsible for announced in August of last year that had been $79,000 of benefits between the free and the paid version.

Spacetime Studios

Although getting out a bit from the norm it is true that Pocket Legends, its creation, is also getting good results. Once he came to enter $8,000 a day in sales of items for the game and today that figure has dropped to $5,000 per day, According to Computer World.

By way of conclusion and complete. Is it possible to make a profit in the Android Market? Yes, but it is difficult. Not only it is have a good idea if that there is to know how to carry it out and that this cale among users.

As he told us Jerónimo Palacios, CEO, Tubus, in the Android laboratory in Malaga; possibly with the first application we undertake not achieve reach be numbers but If we continue trying possibly at the end we go getting income and, why not, give a hit as they have these eight companies.

Out Angry Birds and the end it was not the first nor the second title that developed Rovio was number 51, in 2009, when the company was in bankruptcy and they needed a title to take up the slack and take off once and for all.