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The time goes by fast! Alice is about to do a year and soon she will enter the food scheme of the House (or home if fill her? Let’s see then I reckon!). Then I take these last days of baby formula to tell you how our Organization here.

We set out the basic principles of good nutrition in the introduction:

Complementary feeding after 6 months start to breastfeeding
Start with berries (here it was just fruit for about 10 days)
All well with fruits, start the Pope at lunch. Always good to remember that it is essential to adjust the consistency and evolve gradually. The first Popes must be crushed in the fork, and no hits in a blender, or passed in the sieve.
All well with lunch, start dinner (here was after a month)
As Alice is allergic we started/tested a food at a time, until we can contemplate all food groups on Pope (+ vegetables + energy + vegetable protein and, lastly, legumes).
These and other guidelines are important in food introduction, but I have chosen to share with you how our logistics and there get super handy, in case you want to get more specific questions, ok?


Even the most organized women need time to organize all the structure that surrounds the baby. Exclusive breastfeeding is superprática, but the transition to the complementary feeding demands a bit of work. I think it’s worth investing maternity sleepwear from

the) Jars to store the popes: glass jars, instead of plastic, are safer. We know that the plastic pots, in contact with the heat, they end up releasing substances harmful to health. The most studied of these substances is Bisphenol A, which demonstrably interfere in the functioning of hormones. So much so, that from 2011, ANVISA has determined that the bottles could not more contain that Bisphenol A. plastic Pots, however, still contain! The glass jars are very practical because they can be transported and used to heat and serve the Pope on the sidewalks.

We use this one:

  1. b) small and soft Spoons: at first the babies they spoon in mouth contact. The smaller, the better. The power gear I chose Alice, I always think the Munchkin has the coolest options.

I started using this very small spoon:

Then we get to this:

And now she likes to help, use this as well:

  1. c) Pot specifies for the Pope: many moms like to have the papeiro (enameled pot), some like the iron pot. I researched a lot about which pot would be more appropriate. All present advantages and disadvantages. I didn’t buy any and I ended up opting for a a stainless steel set that I had won and was still unused. If you were to buy, might have opted for a cast iron:

2-Acquisition of genres:

I like to use and recommend organic food. Yes, they’re a little more expensive and not always I can buy every week, or even for the whole family. So it’s nice to prioritize: in this very beginning of introduction I leave everything organic food for the baby. If I couldn’t keep buying, keep, at least for foods that, obviously, has a higher amount of pesticides (tomato, papaya, lettuce, carrot, strawberry, grape, guava, peach, paprika and fig). I currently have purchased these organic baskets every 15 days on the internet and I think it is great good cost benefit. Has the baskets, with products of the harvest and discounts as high as 25%. Ah, organic chicken is also a better option, especially this early.

3-in the kitchen:

I’ve done various experiments. At first liked to cook everything separadinho, already thinking that in future she would eat everything separately would be well used. But a lot of work preparing the meat in a pot, in another, the zucchini in another until Oh, quit! For us it was easier to Cook all in one take. Then cooked a proper amount for lunch and for dinner. How do I question, to this day, cooking for Alice, I realized I needed to simplify things, otherwise, would need to split this function. It was then that I started to use the technique of freezing in our favour and to this day the recipe goes on like that:

the) Buy a pound of beef or chicken (on the allergy has not yet tested the fish), fry with garlic, onion, parsley and chives and cook in pressure.

  1. b) ready, separate half the meat and distribute in small pots to freeze, with a sufficient quantity to serve three meals.
  2. c) the other party is in the pot and I add the leaf, vegetable, tuber and the grain. This preparation ready, separate 3 pots to serve meals and store in the fridge even.
  3. d) the remainder goes to the freezer and I’m using on the weekends or on days when I couldn’t Cook. To freeze it is legal to use the technique of thermal shock, i.e. take the pan to a bowl with ice and get stirring until cool. The goal is to stop cooking and ensure better texture, and nutritional properties.

and) on a daily basis, take the meat or chicken in freezer pots and cook fresh porridge 3. It has worked great for us that way.

(Oh, just remember that in the early popes, I processed the meat in the mixer and wore this blunt broth as a base for the soup that was crushed in the fork. To develop consistency, offered well desfiadinha or ground.

For those who will begin introducing feed now, I find it interesting to have a well-defined routine. Is it legal to child be a little hungry-but not too much not to get angry. Of course every case is unique, but in the beginning the babies tend to prefer a blow job to Daddy. There, even if you keep breastfeeding on demand, it is interesting to be without some 2 hours before breastfeeding. Vale also begin by Popes more sweet, which has better acceptance, with carrot, parsnip, sweet potato. Do not add salt. No, you don’t bring any nutritional advantage, unlike. Let the salt to when it was the same house power start. Oh, and super important, calm and tranquility are key. If the baby eating light, don’t despair. It is an adaptation and that experimentation is anyway. A few spoonfuls are already sufficient for the formation of this new habit. And, finally, breast milk or artificial, is still the main source of energy of the baby until the end of the first year.

Alice is a good fork. Eats very well and I hope it stays that way in this next step. Soon I come to share with you the news! Before that, I think I’m going to talk a little bit of nutrition in pregnancy. But let me know if there’s any topic of food in the first year of life that you’d like me to include here, ok?



Mariana Del Bosco

Alice’s mom of 1 year, operates in practice 13 years and has extensive experience with obesity and childhood obesity.

Specializes in exercise physiology UNIFESP and master of Science degree from Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo.