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Mahidol University Study Abroad

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Information on the application process

Both the application and the selection of the courses went smoothly. Both MicroEDU and Chanistha, the nice employee of the CMMU, will be happy to help you with questions about the courses, course content and the conversion of Thai credits into ECTS.

After all the documents were compiled (the process takes some time), they were sent to MicroEDU and checked for accuracy and completeness. MicroEDU will do the rest for you.

Studies and courses taken

Abbreviated as MU by abbreviationfinder, the Mahidol University is one of the best universities in Thailand and also cuts in Asia very well. The College of Management is located in the city and is not outside of Bangkok like the main Mahidol University campus.

The course was practice-oriented, with some group work, presentations and homework. The atmosphere in the courses is relaxed and, due to the small number of course participants (max. 30), more personal. The level is appropriate and easy to manage. Only in the mid-term or at the end it can get a little more stressful when exams, assignments and presentations are pending. The learning success differs from course to course.

I took three courses at CMMU: MGMG509 Strategic Management, MGMG562 Introduction to Business Planning, and MGMG608 International Business Management.

In principle, I can recommend all three courses.

MGMG509 Strategic Management

Strategic Management is held by a personable Thai professor with work experience at some large companies such as Deloitte. His English is very good in terms of vocabulary, but the pronunciation is partly a bit Thai, as is his style. He likes to insert Thai idioms at the end of the sentences, which we didn’t take as bad. The course is demanding, with a lot of input, two group presentations, a mid-term assignment and a take-home exam. Looking back, I really enjoyed this course, to which Ajarn Kimb (Ajarn is Thai for professor) also contributed.

MGMG562 Introduction to Business Planning

Introduction to Business Planning was given by Edward Rubesch, a professor and entrepreneur from MIT who has lived in Thailand for several years. Edward was at MIT for the first two weeks, so the classes took place “virtually” via Slack. During the course we worked out a lot ourselves, developed business ideas and ultimately “pitched” them. Before each course, papers had to be read to which questions on Google Forms had to be answered. Edward tries to convey his own approach of entrepreneurs, which I really liked.

MGMG608 International Business Management

International Business Management was held by a Thai professor who also lived and studied in America for a time. Accordingly, his English is very good. The course consists of a group presentation, a case study with presentation and an exam at the end. The topics of the course include globalization, culture and ethics, which are dealt with on the basis of stories and references, but also on the basis of individual group presentations. Overall, the course was quite relaxed and not very interesting for me personally. However, the professor tries to convey the course content as a “show”.

On-site support

The on-site support couldn’t be better. The introductory days were well organized and the Thai buddies assigned to each exchange student were very nice and helpful. In general, the Thais are very keen to help and to make your stay as pleasant as possible. As already mentioned, the lovely and helpful staff member Chanistha is available for any questions.

Accommodation search

The search for accommodation took some time. I arrived in Bangkok a good two weeks before the start of the courses and it took me a week to find an apartment. The problem here is the short rental period of 4 months. Usually the condos are rented out every six months or one year. Ultimately, I stayed at KPN The Capital. The condo is very close to the university, so you can easily walk to the university during rush hour in Bangkok. The way is about 10 minutes. The nearest BTS station, Victory Monument, is around 15 minutes away on foot. In general, I can recommend the condo because of its location, the pool and the rooms.

Leisure and excursion possibilities

I could certainly fill a few pages on this point. Bangkok is a super cool city that never sleeps and because of its craziness has its very own charm. Of course life is exhausting, noisy and there are places in the world where the air is cleaner, but I really liked Bangkok. Because in Bangkok you can have both: cheap food and going out, but also more upscale restaurants and clubs with European prices and standards. So there is something for everyone. I especially liked the friendliness of the people, the Thai food, the markets and the rooftop (bars) and clubs. Bangkok really has so much to offer and even after the great time there you haven’t seen everything.

Bangkok is also a great starting point for trips before, during or after the semester at the CMMU. I can recommend Koh Phangan, Ayuthaya, Chiangmai, Kanchanaburi (all Thailand), Luang Prabang (Laos) and Hanoi (Vietnam).

General Do’s

  • Rooftop bars and clubs
  • Ratchada Night Market
  • Khao San Road
  • Pool parties
  • Street food

Mahidol University Study Abroad