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Magna, Utah Population, Schools and Places of Interest

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According to 800ZipCodes, Magna, Utah is a small, unincorporated community located in Salt Lake County. It is bordered by several other small cities and towns that add to the unique character of the area. To the north lies West Jordan, a suburban city of over 110,000 people that is home to many businesses and

shopping centers. To the east lies Kearns, a mostly residential area that is home to a large population of families. Further east lies Taylorsville, which is home to an active and vibrant community of its own. South of Magna lies Copperton, a mining town with a long history and plenty of charm. Finally, to the west lies Granger, an agricultural community with a rich heritage and plenty of rural charm.

Each of these cities offers something unique to those who visit or live in Magna. West Jordan is home to many businesses and shopping centers, while Kearns has a strong family-oriented atmosphere with lots of recreational activities for everyone to enjoy. Taylorsville has plenty of cultural attractions such as museums and performing arts centers, while Copperton offers visitors insight into the mining industry that once flourished in this area. Finally, Granger provides visitors with a glimpse into the agricultural history that still plays an important role in this region today.

No matter what you’re looking for, Magna’s bordering cities have something for everyone to enjoy. From shopping centers and performing arts venues in West Jordan to outdoor recreation and rural charm in Granger, there’s no shortage of things to do around here. Whether you’re looking for fun activities or cultural attractions, these cities have something special for you.

Population of Magna, Utah

Magna, Utah is a small, unincorporated community located in Salt Lake County. According to liuxers, the population of Magna was estimated to be around 8,550 people. This population is diverse and made up of people from all walks of life.

The majority of Magna’s population are Caucasians (80%), followed by Hispanics (13%) and African Americans (2%). The remaining 5% are made up of Asians and Native Americans. The median age for the residents of Magna is 34 years old, with 21% under 18 years of age and 8% over 65 years old.

The median household income for Magna residents is $41,742 a year, with 35% of households making less than $30,000 a year and 25% making more than $60,000 a year. In terms of education level, 41% have at least some college education while 59% do not have any college education or higher degree.

In terms of employment status, the majority of residents (65%) are employed in some capacity while 35% are unemployed or underemployed. The most common industries for employment include manufacturing (20%), construction (14%), retail trade (11%), health care and social assistance (10%), and accommodation and food services (9%).

Magna’s population is diverse and vibrant with plenty to offer to its residents. Whether you’re looking for employment opportunities or cultural attractions there’s something here for everyone to enjoy.

Magna, Utah

Schools and education of Magna, Utah

Magna, Utah is home to some of the finest schools in the state. The Jordan School District serves the Magna area and is one of the largest districts in Utah. It is a highly rated district with a large number of excellent teachers and staff, making it an ideal place for students to excel. Students attending schools in Magna benefit from access to a wide range of educational opportunities, as well as advanced technology and resources. The district offers many different options for students, including traditional and alternative learning programs, as well as magnet schools. At each school level, there are gifted and talented programs that challenge students to reach their full potential. Additionally, there are numerous extracurricular activities available for students to participate in. These activities range from sports teams and performing arts groups to clubs dedicated to STEM learning or robotics competitions. With such a diverse array of activities available, it’s no wonder why Magna is home to some of the best-educated young people in Utah.

Landmarks in Magna, Utah

Magna, Utah is home to a variety of landmarks that are both historic and beautiful. One of the most well-known landmarks in Magna is the Magna Copper Mine. Located on the northwest side of town, this mine has been around since 1906 and was once one of the most productive copper mines in the United States. Today, visitors can explore some of the old mining tunnels and learn more about its history. The Great Salt Lake Marina is another popular landmark in Magna. Located on the south end of town, this marina offers visitors a great opportunity to boat, fish, and explore the Great Salt Lake. Additionally, nearby Kennecott Copper Mine is an impressive sight to behold with its massive open pit mine, towering smelter stacks, and picturesque views of surrounding mountains. Other notable landmarks include Magna Peak Trailhead which offers stunning views of Salt Lake City skyline from its summit; Pioneer Park which features a large playground area; and Camp Williams which is an active military base located just north of town. All these landmarks make Magna a great place to visit for anyone looking to experience some unique history and beauty.