Kent County, Rhode Island

Kent County, Rhode Island Demographics

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According to AGOODDIR, Kent County, Rhode Island is situated in the south-eastern corner of the state and is bordered by Washington County to the west, Providence County to the east, and Newport County to the south. The county has a total area of 545 square miles (1,411 km2), with a population of 166,158 according to 2019 estimates.

The geography of Kent County is mostly rural and hilly. It is mainly composed of rolling hills and valleys bisected by streams and rivers like the Pawcatuck River which forms a natural border between Rhode Island and Connecticut. The highest point in Kent County is located at Jerimoth Hill at 812 feet (247 m). The climate in Kent County is humid continental with warm summers and cold winters. Generally it experiences mild temperatures year-round with occasional snowfall during winter months.

The economy in Kent County revolves around agriculture, forestry, fisheries and tourism. Agriculture produces dairy products, vegetables, fruits as well as livestock like cattle, horses and sheep while forestry provides lumber for construction purposes. Fishing activities are also popular along coastal areas where oysters are harvested from Narragansett Bay. Tourism also contributes significantly to Kent County’s economy thanks to its numerous attractions like beaches along Narragansett Bay such as Misquamicut State Beach or Charlestown Breachway or historic sites like Fort Adams State Park or Touro Synagogue National Historic Site.

The population in Kent County is diverse with no single racial or ethnic group making up a majority of its population according to 2019 estimates; 26% were white non-Hispanic; 14% African American; 2% Asian; 1% Native American; 5% two or more races; 10% Hispanic/Latino origin; 28% other race/ethnicity not specified. The largest city in Kent County is Warwick which has an estimated population of 81,867 people as per 2019 estimates making it one of Rhode Island’s most populous cities. Other cities include West Warwick (29,190), Coventry (34,943), East Greenwich (13,539) and Cranston (80,387).

Economy of Kent County, Rhode Island

The economy of Kent County, Rhode Island is mainly driven by agriculture, forestry, fisheries and tourism. Agriculture is the main industry in the county with dairy products, vegetables and fruits being the main agricultural commodities produced. Livestock such as cattle, horses and sheep are also raised in Kent County. Forestry provides lumber for construction purposes while fishing activities are popular along coastal areas where oysters are harvested from Narragansett Bay.

Tourism has become an increasingly important part of Kent County’s economy thanks to its numerous attractions such as beaches along Narragansett Bay like Misquamicut State Beach or Charlestown Breachway or historic sites like Fort Adams State Park or Touro Synagogue National Historic Site. The county also boasts a number of museums, parks and other recreational facilities that attract tourists from all over the world.

In addition to agriculture, forestry and fisheries, Kent County also has a thriving manufacturing sector which employs a significant percentage of its population. The manufacturing industry produces electronics components as well as food processing equipment for companies located in Rhode Island and elsewhere. The county’s service sector also plays an important role in its economy with businesses providing various services such as banking, insurance and legal services to local residents as well as visitors from other parts of the state or even out-of-state tourists.

With its diverse industries and attractions, Kent County has become an increasingly attractive destination for both businesses and individuals looking to relocate to Rhode Island. In addition to offering excellent educational opportunities through its public schools system, Kent County is home to several colleges including the University of Rhode Island which offers undergraduate degrees in a wide range of subjects including business administration, engineering and computer science among others.

Kent County’s economy is characterized by diversity with no single industry dominating its economic landscape. With its combination of natural beauty and strong economic base, it is no wonder that this county remains one of Rhode Island’s most attractive places to live and work in today’s modern world.

Libraries in Kent County, Rhode Island

According to babyinger, Kent County has five public libraries that are part of the Ocean State Libraries network. The Kent County Public Library is located in East Greenwich and serves as the county’s central library. It offers a wide selection of books, magazines, newspapers, audiobooks, and electronic resources for both adults and children. Other branches include the Ashaway Library in Hopkinton, the Exeter Public Library in Exeter, the Richmond-Caroline Library in Richmond, and the West Greenwich Free Library in West Greenwich. All of these libraries offer a variety of services including computers with internet access, printing and copying services, reference materials such as encyclopedias and dictionaries, programming for adults and children alike including story times for young children. Additionally, they have meeting spaces available for community use.

In addition to these services, the Kent County Public Library has a large selection of digital materials available for download, including e-books, audiobooks and videos. They also have a variety of online databases that are available for free to library card holders. These databases offer access to encyclopedia articles, newspaper articles, magazine articles and much more. The libraries in Kent County also offer interlibrary loan services which allow patrons to borrow materials from other libraries in the Ocean State Libraries network. All of the libraries in Kent County are open seven days a week with varying hours depending on the branch. They all offer friendly and knowledgeable staff members who are ready and willing to help patrons with any questions they may have about their library services or resources.

Landmarks in Kent County, Rhode Island

Kent County, Rhode Island

Kent County, Rhode Island is home to a variety of historical landmarks and natural attractions. The town of East Greenwich is home to the Smith’s Castle, which was built in 1678. The castle served as the headquarters for the Kentish Guards during the Revolutionary War and is now a museum open to visitors. The town of Warwick is home to two notable landmarks – the Aldrich Mansion and the Warwick Neck Lighthouse. The Aldrich Mansion was built in 1838 by William Aldrich, a prominent businessman in Rhode Island. It has since been renovated and serves as an event venue for weddings, parties, and more. The Warwick Neck Lighthouse was built in 1745 and is one of the oldest lighthouses in New England. It is still operational today and can be seen from Narragansett Bay.

The Kent County Courthouse building is another landmark located in East Greenwich. This historic building dates back to 1745 and served as the county’s courthouse until 1975 when it moved to its new location on Main Street. Today, it houses various government offices such as probate court, tax assessor’s office, registrar of deeds office, county clerk’s office, sheriff’s department offices and more. Additionally, there are several parks located throughout Kent County that offer scenic views of Narragansett Bay such as Goddard Memorial State Park in Warwick or Colt State Park in Bristol. These parks also offer various recreational activities such as hiking trails, beaches for swimming or fishing spots along with picnic areas perfect for enjoying a summer day outdoors with family or friends.