It’s Okay To Feel Hot Flashes During Pregnancy?

Now that I’m pregnant I feel some weird heats and was wondering if this is common with other pregnant women.

Welcome to the famous crazy of the hormones of pregnancy. It is normal to feel a hot flashes without reason during pregnancy.

Changes in hormone levels, especially falls of estrogen, are responsible for hot flashes that make many pregnant women get the blankets out of bed even when it’s cold or need be shaking with a paper in line at the supermarket.

The discomfort is usually greater in the head, neck and chest, and, unfortunately, can take a good few minutes to go without maternity pocket watch from localtimezone.

These heat waves tend to happen more in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy and, brace yourself, even after the arrival of the baby. That’s because after the childbirth hormone levels drop and remain lower for those breast-feed.

Just stay vigilant to differentiate this heat that comes and goes from a fever, which raises the temperature of your body. Fevers are a sign of an infection and when are high can be dangerous for pregnancy.

If you have a fever above 37.7 degrees, the best thing to do is to contact your doctor for further advice.

As for the hot flashes, try to dress in “layers”, so it’s easier to be alone when a sudden heat t-shirt shows up, and replace the jacket when he leaves.

“Blood glucose Changes can also cause the famous hot flashes, so avoid getting many hours without food, or eat very large quantities of candy at once”, recommends the obstetrician Eleonora Fonseca.

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